Advice on Magic wands

To all of you who have used the magic wand toy. I am really tempted to get one

Are they worth it?
How pleasurable are they?

Thank you

Izzy wizzy let's get busy (reading reviews 👍)

Good advice Sub👍🏼. The many many reviews on all the wands lovehoney stock should help the op decide if they are really that good.

Depends what you want out of it. We use ours mostly as a massage tool and get good use out of various attachments, so yup definitely worth it.

How pleasureable it is depends entirely on what type of stimulation you like. Wands are super powerful, yes, but they also have a broad head that makes it hard to pinpoint vibrations to hit the right spot (like you would do with a bullet vibrator). They also have very deep and rumbly vibrations, whereas the toys you've reviewed are of the shallow, buzzy type. Some people don't get off with that, some people do. I'd say you'd find it very different to start with, won't know till you try whether you'll like it or not though really.

They're definitely a good investment, especially if you're going to use it for more than just insta-orgasms via masturbation (not the most satisfying orgasms in the world, basically it can make you cum too fast).

Advice hmm, be careful where you point it unless you want magical mayhem 👍🏻

I love the reviews but I'm a glutton for information, I always wish you could ask reviewers for comparisons between products, especially since a lot of the reviewers are very active on here...

But as I said, greedy!

It really depends on which wand you get, what you like, how much you're willing to spend..

No two bodies are alike, if a toy has good ratings then from there you can Shortlist it and read through the reviews to see what people mention they liked and didn't. Then compare that to what you like and don't.

For example, which of these are important and which do you not care about?

Loudness/quietness, pinpoint/wide coverage, battery/rechargeable/plug in, soft/hard shell, attachments possible/no attachments, can use during intercourse/too bulky to get between in most positions..

Focus on those in the reviews and you'll come to a decision, you might get it and still won't be perfect but it'll be another thing to add to your list of things you look for in reviews..

The only advice I can give is just get one its the best toy we have
We have many toys collected over the years but these at the moment are redundant

Are the worth it : yes. Very much so.

How pleasurable? : extremely. I can achieve up to 5+ orgasms with mine. It's the only toy that makes me squirt. And squirt a lot.

Its mains adapted, so there is strong power, 100% of the time. I bought the rabbit attachment and it's my new best friend. I keep mine plugged in under my duvet ready to go all the time. That's how much I love it.

It does genuinely work as a massager too. I have flat feet and back pain, so with this toy I am able to massage away my aches and pains. 2 for 1 with this toy. (Doxy).

I have the Bodywand Original and I do NOT think that it has rumbly vibrations, I do not think it particularly pleasurable to use and I find it pretty much useless as a massager. In any case using it bears absolutely NO relationship to a real massage by a skilled human.

I have the lovehoney deluxe Wand, I was never overly sold on the idea of them and only bought it as it was in the 3 for £75 offer.

Yes I can orgasm quickly with it..... But that's where my love of it ends.
I can't pinpoint the vibrations and the head is big and bulky.
I find it noisy and it is powerful to the point of numbing me at times.

It does work as a body massager but I'd choose hands over it any day in both ways.

We have loads of wands, big mains ones, and smaller battery ones. All have there uses and all never fail to deliver. If clit stimulation is your thing then you'll love it.

I LOVE my doxy !

It has made me lazy though. I just lay on my front and tuck it under me against my clit and let it work it's magic.....over and over again 😉

I'm addicted to wants, and ironically they weren't of interest to me for awhile until I started wondering what to try, thought might as well now I'm hooked. So in my opinion he'll yeah they're worth it 😄
As others have said it dependson the stimulation you prefer, if you would rather pin point then they'renot for you. If you love power, a large area massaged then they're well worth it ❤xx

Thank you for all of your replies. Is there anything else that I can purchase for clit stimulation??

Yes. Anything that Lovehoney have listed under "Clitoral Vibrators".

My wife and I love our wand , she loves clit vibrations and it always makes her come

I love using it with the hummer attachment

You will love it

Thank you 😃

Finally bit the bullet and purchased the Tracy cox magic wand looks like it has some great reviews