Anal beginner

I'm keen to try some solo anal play. I've used a finger and found the feeling great so I want to get a toy for some extra pleasure. I'm not sure if I should get a butt plug or a prostate massager.

any advice would be good

Im also a beginner in anal play , i did find these very enjoyable last they felt great soft smooth and were very bendy fitted lovely

as for the butt plug i have bought a butt plug but not tried that out yet :)

A plug is ideal for feeling a sense of fullness. They are ideal for hands free fun and they are ideal for stretching the anal canal and of course they will cause some pressure and stimulation to the prostate

A prostate massager is ideal for specific stimulation to the prostate.

I guess it depends on what element of anal play you enjoy the most. If you like movement (Moving your finger or wiggling it against the prostate) then go for the massager, if you prefer putting your finger in and just pressing it or holding it in place, a plug may be better. You can of course wiggle and thrust with a plug, but because they are usually shorter and have a wide flare, most of the stimulation will be felt around the anus as it pops in and out and if you do not enjoy your anus being repeatedly stretched as you move the plug around, then it might not be for you.

That didn't make much sense, but what I am trying to say is visualise the toy you like the look of in use (In use the way YOU want to be stimulated. If you like thrusting, will that toy work well or cause too much sensation in the wrong places, if you want hands free so you can masturbate etc, will that toy stay in place? Think about all the things you need and enjoy with anal play and try to find the toy that most suits those requirements xx

Thanks fluffbags,

Makes perfect sense. I think it's the massager based on what you've said. Now just need some spare cash

A small plug with lube, is where I started. You can wear them and nobody knows! Great for popping to the shop :-D

G xo

I have tried these and my partner and I love the sensation.... Really easy to begin the insertion too...... :)

Best advice I have take it nice and slow , lube lube lube , start off small and dont get eyes bigger than your belly .

LH have a great buyers guide -

I started off with

Then got a butt plug so you are used to slipping something inside you - or you could buy a kit and work your way up -

I then got a douche - dead easy to use and simple and makes you clean esp when your using bigger toys as I worked my way up to an anal dildo to get to used to the fact that he will be inside me -

Then I brought to get fill what it will be like,

Honestly try it slow if you enjoy it you enjoy it its not for everyone, dont put any pressure on yourself slow and lube it taken me about 6 months to work my way up, just taken it at my own pace.

Romeo Papa - there are some great Butt Plugs and Anal Beginners Tool Kits, I have a couple of Aneros prostate massagers and I would highly recommend them.

As others have said the trick is to take it real slow and use plenty of lube.

I've got my eye on the Nexus Revo 2, I just can't justify that much money :)

I have this set and its really good

That's the one I was talking about Lollipop, although my OH didn't like it as she preferred just to go straight to body parts :)

I don't use it some much now..but it was really helpful when I was getting into anal.

This inflatable vibrating probe does really help for the purpose of experimenting, and for helping the muscles inside stretch and become accustomed to larger objects.

I use it to help my internal muscles to relax and within a few uses I have managed to insert some rather large dildos that I would have originally just scoffed at. So yeah! It's a very durable toy and has become my favourite one of all!
Make sure its always rinsed off after use because any remnant lubricant seems to have an effect on the latex rubber, I suspect, causing it to weaken.

hi romeo papa. when i began getting into anal, i used a lady lustfinger basic vibrator. this was fine for a while but after a dozen or so times, it felt like i needed a bit more so i upgraded to the pearlshine anal vibrator. this has a much higher pitch of vibrations and is slightly tapered so the more it goes in the thicker it gets. this is my favourite still. ive bought thicker and longer vibes which are not better or worse, just different. i also have an excellent plug. it all depends on what you want.

however, i fancied trying the holy grail of anal ; the prostate orgasm. so i invested £40 in a rocks off big boy. utter rubbish. possibly the worst 40 quid ive ever spent. it wouldn't stay all the way in,the largest ball would pop out all the time, the vibrations were not that strong(i think due to the thickness of the material) and if i held it in tight it began to cause pain right up inside. think very carefully if you want a prostate massager.

im happy now just being pegged by my partner, and i love it!

I started with a prostate massager, never managed to get to orgasm with it and switched to more traditional anal toys and far preferred them once I got used to the size (there is a beginner kit which has three plugs) and now we both enjoy pegging.

As said before, I think you should start small with lube and increase the size if you feel you want to.