Anal orgasm

One of the biggest surprises for my OH from anal sex has been the Anal Orgasm, she started doing anal as she had read how good and sensual it is and how amazing it feels, she had read about the anal orgasm but though it was a bit of a myth and never dreamt it would happen, During vaginal sex unless she has been pumped orgasms are few despite how long we go for, It was something we always accepted before she pumped and now she pumps most times we have sex to gaurantee a vaginal orgasm.

She loves anal, the feeling and senations, amazingly nearly every time we have anal she will orgasm, she can't expalin why but she does say its a different oragam to vaginal and a lot more intense, this I can tell from the look on her face that its a lot more intense.

What, if any is your experiences of anal orgasms?

I'm not used to such sensations, as yet at least, and I find it too strong, as it is often combined with other sensations that leave me exhausted for a long time. There are also aftershocks. It can and does interfere with frontal release as well, which if it happens smack bang in the middle of it, can leave me with clogged pipes, and that means long-lasting pain. My plumbing is a bit different from the standard though, so that may be it. There are other backdoor sensations, which i found I prefer, even though they are much less intense...

Ive had an anal orgasam once, not long ago. We don't do anal much, but it wasn't until the last time we did I could take him without pain and learned to enjoy it more. I wouldn't say it's powerful, milder than a clitoral orgasam, but I think just because it was a different sensation it was new and felt just as good.