Anal plug advice.

Hoping for a bit of advice please.

My wife and I have just enjoyed a fun session together but we think I might have a problem with our current anal toys.

We're both new with this and only have a few 'newbie' items. I was lucky enough to have the following put in me; and

I was told to stand still (whilst been flogged lol) but both kept popping straight out. (Which got me a harsh but enjoyable spank on more than one occasion).

My question is are our toys too small, should anal toys 'pop' out with just a small clench or is this normal?

For some people, there needs to be more of a significant size different between the actual bulb of the plug, and the stem.

Also, if you doing lots of other things at the same time, then it can become tricky keeping hold of it.

Maybe something like this ( or this ( The first one has a jiggle ball, so when being spanked, it adds an extra sensation. But they both have a thinner neck, and the second one has comfortable anchor allowing it to sit between the cheeks comfortably, making it much easier to keep hold of.

Definitely agree with David. I've had a few plugs shoot out when I orgasm in the past but a more bulbous plug with a slimmer neck stays put much better xx

i had this problem when i first started and i think i went a bit over bored witht he lube i mean it went everywhere so i had to keep presure on it to keep it in, a really good trick is just learning to relax while its in when you learn to control the muscles in there they wont try and push it out and then you should be okay with small slim plugs, i usuelly imagain relaxing my lower back muscles and stomuch muscles, and what ever the size goes strait in, good luck have fun! x

Amost all "beginner" plugs may be an introduction but are pretty hopeless at staying in due to their shape, the ones David suggests should be considered beginner as they are easily used even for the first time and are far more likely to stay in place,

Good advice here. thanks. My wife and I are new to anal play and i had the same problem as August A&R! Time to upgrade, I think!