Anal Sex Toys

I am a straight male who was introduced to anal play by an ex girlfriend. I bought myself a nice 10 inch vibrator which has a diameter of 3.5 inches, and I am enjoying using it.

I am now thinking of getting something a bit thicker, however all the bigger vibes are shaped like penises, which is kind of putting me off lol. any suggestions?

how about a vibrating but plug instead of a dildo, something like this which is designed for males rather than females?

I know it isn't bigger but I am sure if you had a look through you will soon find something you like

Bump x

I'd love to know too. Got plugs already.

hope no one takes this the wrong way but .... if u have ur ass used in anal play and ur female its generally a COCK that is in there so what difference GUYS does it make when its u playing with ur own ass and the toy is a COCK vibe ......... none exactly

as long as u use lube u will be fine and it will be very enjoyable for u

obv if you have a partner they can play in that area with/for u and u have to guide them

@op , have you tried the inflatble butt plug , ver different and pumps to how big you want to

Definitely try a pump up to see if you like it.

I bought a prostate massager off here and it's superb.Strongly recommended.

me and by BF love the njoy range of butt plugs the metal element is just lovely and adds to the experiece nd they ar so comfortable and are works of art in their own right!