Anal toy/toys help

I'm pretty new to the forum (but not to LH). My OH & I have 'dabbled' a few times with anal fun and now I'm thinking of getting a plug but the question is which one?
We already have the Tracey Cox glass set and quite like the idea of another glass toy (for me, not him).
I've read the reviews on quite a few of them and still can't make my mind up so any help would be gratefully received.

i think this one look really good and fun! they also do smaller ones too. ;)

Hi MJ,

I personally have got my eye on this one:

It does not seem to big and it has great reviews.

Hi lollipop - thanks for your suggestion but I can't bring it up :(

Hi Scorpius - that one looks great! I've not come across that one yet.
Have put it on my wishlist for the OH to look at when he comes home.

For me i love the look of these ones im really thinking of buying them as i think glass toys are so beautiful espcially as can be cooled or warmend which makes play more pleasurable for me

Neither can I :( but this one look good too. hope that one works

I'm liking the black spiral one too :)

I have this one, it feels utterly amazing!!! And looks amazing too. I honestly think every woman should have one!

I wish LH did more slimline glass butt plugs though. We're beginners in anal play, and I wish my OH could experience the glass too, but I'll just have to wait until we're a bit more advanced *huff* haha!

i have to say the black spiral one is one of my faves at the moment :)

The rose one looks good too Mrs McX.

Thanks for all your suggestions, I hadn't even found any of these.


Just shown the OH all the suggestions & he quite likes the black spiral one too :)

there is an offer on where when you spend £20 on love honey you get £5 off for female first readers so you could get it for slightly cheaper :)

That's great, thanks Heavens


No probs every little helps x

I have this and OMG I love it easy to insert and ant lube can be used on it

Would you say it was okay for beginners KF? Interested myself now haha!!

MrsMcX wrote:

Would you say it was okay for beginners KF? Interested myself now haha!!

Yes as I would say I am still a beginner with anal , I got this last night had a great time playing with it , lube its up and slipped it in and then pushed it in slowly then the bottom took a little time to get flush but I just took my time and when fully inserted it was AMAZING so hot