Any men or male partners who use vibrators?

My partner started to enjoy using our wand on himself, so I bought him one of the stroker attachments for it. It’s so much fun to use. I want to buy some other male vibrators for him sometime because I enjoy watching him pleasure himself.


I enjoy using vibrators on my penis, balls and perineum, can spend up to an hour stimulating all the different spots through my briefs before finishing off with direct application to the skin. The idea of them being ladies toys and reading their reviews on the shopping site makes it even more exciting. :heartbeat:

I tried a cock ring but it was uncomfortable and didn’t do much for me. We have tried a using a vibrator on the citreous during penetration which does feel very good but hard in the missionary position. I have thought about getting flesh light but not sure if it vibrates or not. intrigued by the fact that each fleshlight gives a different sensation .

Wand,rabbits and bullets he uses them all we have enough to share

I use my wife’s vibrators all the time. There is something amazing about an orgasm that builds up whilst using a vibrator. I have found the most sensitive areas in my penis and normally just leave it there. Tend to cum more aswell

We’re all unique! :grin:
I find that I can only take so much direct vibe stimulation of my penis head before I start to lose sensation - I’ve never come from direct vibes like that: I literally get vibed into numbness - so I use them judiciously. Anal-wise, I love buzzy stimulation of the sphincter itself (drives me a bit nuts!!!) but deeper, internal vibes don’t do a lot for me.

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I use the male attachments almost daily, both of them feel amazing and different.

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