Are sex toys for me?

I just bought my first ever sex toys for the first time and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Yes, this is my very first time doing anything anal, and to make sure we’re on the same track, I’m a male. So, I want to share my experience and get some thoughts and hopefully try to improve upon my situation. My first order was a 6.5 dildo vibrator, a 8.5 life like dildo, and a anal set of 6. I also bought lube but from another online retailer. To make things short, I first started with the anal set and went from smallest to longest and at first I went slow and tried to relax my muscles. I spent about 10 minutes doing this but I felt nothing but uncomfort. I tried again for another 5 minutes with more lube, but still nothing. I than tried the 6.5 dildo and put plenty of lube on it and tried to feel something for about half and hour. I went slow and got almost all the way in but all I felt was the need to pee and a little burning sensation. The burning went away after a couple of minutes but overall I felt nothing and feel disappointment. Am I doing this wrong? Or are sex toys just not for me?

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Sex toys are for everyone. Anal toys/play might just not be for you!

I feel like you are somewhat rushing it and trying to make yourself enjoy the anal play, it’s all about going slow and what feels good. If you or your butt isn’t have fun… don’t do it!

There are always plenty of toys for your penis

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most anal toys only feel good during orgasm, especially if you are new to it.
I would suggest you insert the toy and masturbate your penis. Don’t move the toy until you feel close to orgasm. During orgasm you can then thrust away with the dildo and you will have the best orgasm ever. Even a stationary butt plug will make your orgasm so much more intense. In fact, I would start with a plug first, when you have mastered the plugs then move onto dildos.
Good luck

As it’s your first time trying this out it can be a little lack lustre but maybe if you revisit it again and experiment it’ll feel better.

Did you have any porn on to help with it?

I didnt though I think that would help. I think the problem i did was not getting in the moment and just rushing it without thinking much, thanks!

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Thanks this might help

My OH has been trying different toys of mine and to start he was much the same as yourself and didnt get enjoyment out of it but he has kept perservering with it and he starting to relax more and we are still working to find the perfect toy/toys for him to use

A big part to anal is mind stimulation to go with it so hopefully with some porn you may find it helps :blush:

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If you look on the lovehoney blog you will find some tips on there

It’s a little unfair to ask if sex toys aren’t for you when you consider how you are using them

You’re a man shoving a dildo, a fairly large one up a virgin ass. What are you expecting?

Contrary to the howling banshees of porn, this is not actually an erogenous zone. Last I checked there are no sexual nerves up theres. Forgetting peoples personal opinions on the orifice itself, it is for better or worse an exit for waste material.

Yes, we have the prostate, but its not like opening the lock of a door. You don’t slide it in and magically go “Click”.

Short answer, you’re doing it wrong. If it’s burning, you are doing it very wrong.

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