Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’m planning to start making some ASMR content, that’s bordering on sensual/sexual for my YouTube channel and all out sexual for my other platforms.

If anyone here is into ASMR, which one is your favourite trigger? Also, which one is your favourite roleplay scenario for it?

Looking for some inspiration :sunglasses:


Tapping is my trigger just sends me into a different dimension :fist_right:

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I watch loads of car wash ASMR stuff…not to get off sexual ways lol

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I realise how much I don’t know now as I have no idea what you are talking about. I hate to admit it but I don’t.

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I’ve never heard of it. What exactly is it?

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I love ASMR, watch a hand full of asmr videos every day. Im subscribed to a few sexual asmr artist who do roleplays, my favourite are girlfriend, F4M, F4A and things similar to that.

Plastic, tapping and liquid sounds are some triggers I like listening to.

Iv not come across many roleplays that cater for disabilities like people in wheelchairs for example.

Im guessing your not aloud to say what your YouTube channel is otherwise id sub to it.


Would you be so kind as to tell me what it stands for please mate?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Is a tingling sensation that usually begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine


Thanks, completely new on me but I think I’ll have a little look into it :+1:

Thanks :smiley: some cool suggestions there. Roleplay is definitely high on my list of content to make, especially since I have quite a pronounced Swedish accent, so I think that can be quite popular :sweat_smile:

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I like rain and brown noise, probably not much use to you :rofl:


I listen to asmr every night. My favourite triggers are: mic brushing/mic pumping. Ear cleaning/ear massage. Fast and rough scratching. Mouth sounds or ear eating.
Each have there own time and place. I haven’t watched many role play videos. As I tend to like the no talking ones.


I’ve listened to all sorts of asmr for a few years now to relax and like the binaural soft spoken and or whispered talk most,BUT i must be dead inside as I have tingle immunity!!!

I don’t get an ASMR response myself, so I’m in the same basket :rofl: but I just really like it anyway so gonna try it!

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@Amanda87 can you link your utube channel (if allowed)

@Lovehoney_Brenna is it allowed for me to link said YouTube channel?

As long as there are not any external contact details present, and you aren’t promoting competitor products, then it is okay to link! :slight_smile:

Assuming it follows the YT rules:

When sharing video clips from YouTube or other video sites, make sure they are radio friendly and would be acceptable before the watershed. Link to clips including violence, drug use, nudity etc. are not allowed. Make sure the video thumbnail is appropriate, too.

I actually can’t stand ASMR. The kids play stuff and it creeps me out. It’s overwhelming for me and most sounds are not relaxing in the least.

That’s how my boyfriend feels about it as well :rofl:

Here are links to two of my ASMR videos on YouTube!

I’m still learning how to do it well so I hope you’re ok with the mistakes present haha