Do you leave them in your toys or do you keep taking them out and putting them back in every time you want to use one?
I've had my rabbit for 6 years and have always left the batteries in, it's never done the toy any harm but the advice is to take them out? I would find that extremely annoying to get jiggy with my OH, reach for a toy in the heat of passion and then have to bugger about inserting batteries!

I always take mine out, it's just habit for me and works fine :)

It's safer to take them out as they could leak and damage your toy. Also, batteries lose their power when they're insterted so they'd probably last longer if you removed them after each use.

I always take them out. Although, one of the toys I have is a real bugger - it is really difficult to take the lid of the battery compartment off and to put it back on.

But I tend to leave the batteries in in my child's toys. I hope they will not damage them...

We take them out if we aren't using them for a long period of time. I think you are advised to remove them to prevent them leaking and damaging the terminals in the battery holder.

ideally you should take the batteries out especially if you are washing your toys over time batteries can leak battery acid and corrode the terminals in your toys making them unusable. usually i do remove the batteries out of my toys especially if i want to use another normally it's not a problem i remember i've taken them out sometimes i forget and it can be a mood killer if i have search for batteries

I take mine out after one leaked in my rabbit but the famous rabbit battery company are great and gave me the costs back and I got to buy a shiny new one :) xx

I always take my mine out. Part of my cleaning rountine. Best to be on the safe side.

Most of my frequently used toys are rechargeables now, but I always take the batteries out of something after I'm done with it! I keep a spare pack of batteries next to where I keep my toyboxes anyway so it's not that much of an annoyance :)

Well then from now on I will do the same. I've spent a small fortune on new toys recently so I want to look after them. I keep all the toys, spare batteries and accessories in my bedside draw so it should be easy to sort out if needed. Thanks guys

Yeah I would suggest taking them out of the toys, not only because the power slowly drains even when the toy is not switched on, but due to the risk of them leaking and damaging the toy. I don't really use battery powered toys now because I've turned into a rechargeable whore, haha, however when I did I always took the battery's out anyway before washing the toy. :)