Rabbit probs?

hey random question. I have a slimline rabbit vibrator and even when new batteries are in my rabbit will turn off and i have to turn it on again...it will do this constantly about 3/4 times then be ok again.

Is this normal?

Ive never taken this toy in the bath or shower so there cannot be water damage or anything

Both my rabbits are rechargeable, but it doesn't sound normal to me, and seems like a potential mood killer! How long have you had it? If its from Lovehoney they'll replace it if its less then a year old. If its from somewhere else, its possibly not covered by their return policy, but if its less than a few months old it could be considered faulty, so I'd recommend contacting them.

I would say its likely an issue with the batteries might not be popped in correctly? Try popping them in the other way and see if that helps! If not, let us know and we will look into it :D

If it stops, and you give it a shake and it starts again it's bad battery contacts, you may be able to gently bend them up a bit?

Are you using 'normal' batteries? If you're using rechargeable ones, chances are that's what's causing the issue. Only ever use standard batteries in sex toys. And don't forget to take your batteries out between uses to stop the power draining from them. 

Alternatively, it could be caused by the metal plate inside the cap shifting as you twist it on. Have a look inside the cap to see if anything's loose.

As always though, if this doesn't work, contact Customer Care to see if you're covered by the returns policy and we'll arrange a new one to be sent out. :)

Quiet ones are worse! wrote:

If it stops, and you give it a shake and it starts again it's bad battery contacts, you may be able to gently bend them up a bit?


Is it turning off all the time or just when its inside you?

I had a problem with those types of rabbits where certain angles, and when my muscles squeezed against the shaft, the rabbit would turn itself off.

I found the only way to overcome it was either to not be so vigorous with moving it and angling it, or to change the batteries too often. It seemed that when the batteries were getting low, it didnt take much to cut out the toy.

I'm using duracell normal batteries :) I actually hate the recharable ones. i used them a few years back with my at the time music player and they actually overheated and ruined my player so i try to avoid them.

Uhm the batteries were in right i know that for sure, im not sure if its a loose connection but i will try all of this advice! Thank you so much everyone!

I don't really want to put LH though sending me another item. But i'll give this all a go and then see :)

I did however buy a recharable vibrator yesterday and a wand... so maybe if im not using the rabbit everyday it might help :) I will let you know

It doesn't sound right could be a one off product fault

Kirsty92 wrote:

I have a similar problem mine needs a few slaps before it works maybe you need high working batteries like ones you have to use for cameras as opposed to any random one?

unfortunatly i tried this. did you get your one sorted or did you have to exchange it?