Best product for total body massage and intimate play

We have tried various LH products for body massage that are intimate safe but they all dry up and begin to drag on the skin, any recommendations please

Massage oils by nature of their design are meant to start to soak in to the skin over time.

The thing you don't mention is where / when you are having the drag effect - do you mean just in general on your body or on your intimate areas when having sex as the end result of the massage.

There are some that say they are safe to use as a lubricant too but be careful of any that have glycerin in them as it can be bad for the vagina causing yeast infections and UTI's.

A silicone one like Alicia linked is probably less likely to dry out due to the nature of silicone but be careful if you are using toys as silicone can react with certain materials and degrade them.

It's probably not the answer you want but I'd try sticking to massage oils for massage and lube for intercourse.

Purring Tiger The drag effect is on back and legs mostly, but thanks for the suggestions both, will give them a try

We use Pjur Body glide, best silicon lube we’ve used.