Bi curious men/woman how far would you go

I am happily married and straight, but I do fantasize about being with a man occasionally when I jack off. I am not attracted to men, just a fantasy. If it came down to it, I think I might go so far as a hand job or a finger in the ass but not likely any further. The rest is just spank bank material.


Crikey… does your female partner know?
If she does, what does she think of it?
If she doesn’t know… how open minded would she be?

I would say I am bi curious as I havnt truly had a full on sexual experience with a guy , besides when I was younger which was a once off thing, myself and a mate enjoyed wanking each other . Fast forward to now, I must say the thoughts run wild inside my head :rofl:

Will I ever experience it in real life, I dont know…

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I’m a Bi curious guy, would definitely love to fulfil my full bi desires with a guy but in the company with my OH. We have discussed this and she would get turned on by watching me playing with the guy and she would join in with us when she is ready. These bi desires would be to take in a real penis along with lots and lots of foreplay with all 3 of us.

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I think about being with a guy almost daily. I’ve masturbated in person with a few different guys, been fingered by a guy, and cam with guys a lot but I think I’m ready to go further. The thought of giving a blow job sounds really exciting but they would have to be shaved. I don’t like hairy penis :grimacing:


Friday night I gave ablowjob to our trans friend and took her load into my mouth and swallowed wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be


All the way

I think i could have sex with a man but never love one the way i love women​:thinking:

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I can’t imagine not going all the way one day. I won’t cheat on my wife, but it’s something I want to try if I can one day.

I cum so hard when being fucked by a man


She has no idea
Open minded? On a scale of 0 to 10 - definitely a 0

We don’t have sex anymore so I don’t feel I’m really cheating on her. Also hookup’s with Guys is just physical sex, nothing emotional or romantic.

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A hairless underside would be the only way I would try blowing or riding another gent . To be fair I also prefer hairless or very short pussy hair . I generally am hairless and think it looks way sexier . If you have glanced at my photos you will see me hairless down under . 99% never going to happen , but watch a porn with a hairless cock getting blown or a hairless bum getting pegged gets me imaging me in the video .

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I would love to have sex with another woman at least once. Remember my mum’s mate saying to me when I was a teen, make sure you try it, best sex she ever had. I was shocked at the time, but now aged 43 not so shocking lol

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I am more curious now than I have ever been, since I discovered my joy of watching women in Amsterdam, and my husband being ok with it.
Since going to strip clubs and having the opportunity to lick a nipple and touch a boob.
A fantasy would be to go a bit further. I’m not actually sure if anything would go further or how it would feel.
But we are continuing on our journey of going to strip clubs, maybe a VIP room next time and maybe a swingers club, small steps that we are happy with, and if we’re not happy, it’s stops.


My wife had a lesbian relationship when she was younger, she is definitely attracted to other women , and has said she would go with another woman if the chance came along . She does love watching Lesbian porn .

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I love both. Why deny yourself pleasures

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Not bi or bi curious but have been with a trans while my OH was present but have no want or desire to go with a man as I don’t find myself sexually attracted to them but the old saying is never say never who knows what the future will bring my OH is a little bi curious I think ever since we had our first night with her friend from childhood when we weee talking about fantasies and I said I would love to see her have sex with another woman and they were both up for it she has on a couple of occasions text me and asked if I minded if her and Jen had sex without me there and I said as long as you film it for me my next thing is my turn to ask OH if she minds if I have sex with Christine our trans friend without her being present

Wife has been pegging me for over a decade now. I became curious about what the real thing would feel like. I met a man through a co- worker who was bi and developed a friendship that ultimately became sexual. He was more of a top and I wanted to experience the bottom role. I found that with a man as much as I like being a bottom I enjoy pegging by a women better. The one aspect of M2M I thoroughly enjoyed was giving him a blow job, making out and just lying next to one another and feeling each others bodies.

As a couple we are straight and in no way romantically attracted to the same sex However we are both bi curious and have had the experience once and wouldn’t mind experiencing it again.