Bullet Upgrade

A supermarket bought bullet was our way into sex toys ( a Durex Delight Bullet for about a tenner from Tesco !).

We’ve had a lot of fun with it and have added some other toys from LH to the bedside cabinet drawer - but I’m curious whether spending a bit more specifically on a better bullet will give a better experience. We’d like a better range of vibrations and a bit more intensity, battery life hasn’t been an issue.

There are plenty of magazine reviews of the supermarket toys and obviously the reviews here - but surprisingly little information comparing them with more premium toys.

Will we notice much difference ? And please could you suggest an upgrade to our bullet !

The rechargeable bullets tend to produce more powerful and lower frequency vibrations which seem to be more effective for most people.

It’s out of stock at the moment, but for me personally, this is my go to bullet :ok_hand: it never fails to do its job :wink:

I do find that rechargeable bullets are more powerful and effective than the battery powered bullets.


We also have this one :+1:

Amazing bullet :star_struck:

Oh, definitely worth the upgrade!

All the battery powered bullets I’ve tried (and some rechargeables, to be fair) are horrible buzzy things without properly penetrating vibrations.

You can spend a lot of money on some really premium ones like the Tango but in my humble opinion you don’t need to, the rechargeable Mantric bullet, recommended by @Dirty-Wife is the best. It has incredibly strong, deep vibrations for such a small toy and the small size has the advantage that it fits in almost all toys that come with horrible cheap bullets so it’s really versatile.

So yeh, another vote for the Mantric.


Ooo!! I’d highly recommend the tango bullet vibrator

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The mantric bullet listed above, or our favourite below, are joth excellent:

The desire bullet below is excellent too, though my wife has found it occasionally packs too much punch:

Rechargables are really worth the money. Theyr on a completely different level both power and vibration wise.

Seconding the desire bullet. Really rumbly. My go to vibe.
The mantric one is also excellent. All the mantric toys have about the same frequency of vibration, so if you get on with one chances are others will also work well for you.
The glow bullets are also a good affordable option. Theyr not as rumbly as the first two i mentioned, but theyr not buzzy and pack a good punch.

I have found that almost all rechargeable mini bullets are worth the money . I have one that came with one toy that did not fit my anatomy well and scrapped the butt plug - cock ring but kept the mini bullet that came with it . I have had it at least 7 years and still hold a charge well and has that magic rumble . So many have a high frequency buzz that does nothing except irritate me and if a person used those setting would probably make you go numb . How about a line of replacement bullets that have a low frequency rumble that you could tape to a paint can to mix the paint ? Personally I love the low rumble that cycles up and down , mmm . Maybe a list of replacement bullets listed by dimensions and rumble rating ?

If you’re after a bit more intensity why not upgrade to a wand? you can get mini ones if you’d prefer discreet but personally LH full-sized rechargeable is top tier.

I like rocks off bullets

Thing is you don’t need to spend a fortune on a bullet my wife has a few but her favourite is her LH

Makes her orgasm every time :sweat_drops:

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Check the type of batteries required - AA and AAA are generally much cheaper and more widely available. :battery:

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That’s such an excellent point.

But… once you’ve gone rechergeable, you dont look back!!!
It’s so much more practical, and economic too!
We got bedside sockets fitted with USB charging point too, so my sex toys cables are plugged in all the time, saves a huge faff.

I would point out too that some toys use the same charging cables (both of all of the mantric range, and all the tracey cox supersoft range) and it makes charging all those toys a breeze. Before those, every toy i got had a different cable… now each toy needs to add serious value to our sex life for me to consider adding an extra cable type to cater for. :rofl:

Thanks very much for the advice and recommendations.

We went to a store that had several on display to try yesterday and played with a few - the Tango and Mantric Rechargeable were very good as suggested and a clear improvement on what we have.

Mindful of @Mr-Mrs-Sexy’s suggestion to try a wand, we played with a few of those whilst we were there. As a consequence, we left the store carrying a large plain carrier bag containing a Doxy Die-Cast - the bullet upgrade will have to wait !

Things have moved up a couple of notches from the toiletries aisle in Tesco.:smiling_imp:


Congrats!!! Is the Mrs pleased?

It’s her birthday present which isn’t for a few days yet - we’re trying to resist the temptation to unbox it until then before battle commences !