Butt plug tails

Hey all,

So I had a gift given to me yesterday of butt plug tail.

My man assures me that he isn't into pet play but he couldn't tell me why he'd want me to wear a tail.

Any advice or thoughts on this would be great.

I think they look real good, nothing to do with animals or pets etc, they just look good. Absolutley no idea why, but hey thats my opinion :)

You don't have to be into pet play to wear a tail. Some people wear them because they're pretty/look good, because they're after something different or because tails can be used for sensory play.

If he says he isn't into pet play then he might not be. He may have just liked the look of the plug.

They do look sexy and used in the right way.....purrrrrrfect. Enjoy the use x

As Crossover has said & if both of you wear one ????? mmmmm !!

what kind of tail? Fox tail, horse tail, puppy tail, etc. . .

Got to agree they do look sexy and hot, even thought about getting me and the OH matching ones ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Enjoy the session later with your tail Bexy.... which one do you wear..... loving the thought x

I think they're super cool!

I have this tail butt plug and really like it https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=36838

Im not into pet play I just think it looks really cute and pretty

They look cute and could feel quite sexy swishing between your legs?

I think a fox one would be quite cute and match my red hair.

Maybe because it's something different.. something you have not tired before Maybe?

I have a puppy tail which is one of my fave toys, even though I wouldn't say I'm into pet play either. It's just cute and fun :)

I'm not into pet play either but think they look very sexy! Enjoy!

I don't own one myself, but have to admit I find it insanely hot on a girl! Nothing to do with pet play, it's cute as f*ck, more kawaii related, like cat or bunny ears, that sort of thing 😍

I think that they look really fun but my OH greeted my suggestion with a "Huh?".

One persons vanilla is another's super kinky is another's "I don't get it!"

I just added a tail to my wishlist the other week after talking to a FB friend about hers. ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

I don't own one, but they look sexy and as has been said its nothing to do with pet play. It's sensory, its using a tickler and having your hands free for something else.

Whats it like to wear ? is it just a small butt plug ? So curious now.![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)