i recently ordered alot of sex toys,included in which was both the doc johnson medium and doc johnson large buttplugs, however in the first order i forgot to select next day delivery... as a result the large buttplug came first... i ordered this ready once i was comfy with the medium one.. after not being able to wait for the medium plug any longer it ried the large one... however i got it 95% the way in then couldnt get it in any further... anyone got any tips for getting it in the res of the way and fun things to do while wearing it once its in?

I'm a novice myself when it comes to butt plugs, but I'd say your body can only handle what it can handle. Don't force it, build yourself up gradually otherwise you could cause a bit of damage and end up waiting even longer to play with your new toys.

I can only speak from a female prospective but sex with a butt plug in is fantastic!

Sorry I can't be any more useful!

Relax and use plenty of lube. Some people find a gentle and small thrust in and out helps slip the toy in but stop if you are finding it painful. Otherwise, use the smaller toy and work up to the bigger. “Anal training” is actually about training your mind more than your butt.

As for fun things to do while it is in, well that depends why you wanted a butt plug in the first place. Obviously some have features like vibrations or moveable weights, but you could always hold a reasonably strong vibrator against the base. You can also leave it in during the day, maybe nip out while wearing it. You could insert it during sex or masturbation for some added stimulation.

Personally I love the naughtiness factor of wearing a plug out and about, just makes me grin from ear to ear, just a bit of fun, always nice to take sex toys out of the bedroom.

Alway start small and work your way up to the larger plugs.

Use plenty of lube and take it steady.

Our main use for butt plugs is out and about. Just doing regular things with a butt plug in is amazing. Having a butt plug in when walking round the supermarket (for example) makes it a much more fun experience!

i can fit the doc johnson medium plug in without any pain or discomfort, infact i can wear it pain free for ages... it just seems the large one wont go in at all, i dont see how to stretch from the medium one to fit the large

It takes time to get larger. In my opinion, a jump in circumference from 5.25 to 7.25 is too big a jump for one go. We tried that type of jump with a strap-on and didn't get there. Once we got an intermediate size and trained him to take that, he could then eventually take the large one too (and he's now on even bigger).

So small increases in circumference for us was the key, and a 2cm jump was too large.

My largest was 6.2 inch circumference until this arrived on Saturday. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=350 Didn’t intend using it until I had done something in between but last night the temptation was too great. After much warm up I coated it and myself with a lot of lube and gradually and slowly introduced the new one. It did pop in, eventually, and the feeling was something I’d never felt before. I gave out a huge gasp, of pleasure. I love the new stretch feeling when going bigger but this surpassed anything previous. Going up over an inch was, for me absolutely amazing. Did it twice. My bum throbbed for the rest of the night and still does.