Can we use spreader toy with coil fitted

Hi me and my parter have a variety of toys but I like usig the spreader on her. If my partner has the coil fitted can you still use the spreader toy or will it cause problems. I have searched around but dont seem to be able to find an answr to this.

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Hi sex bomb, are you talking about a speculum? If you are, I'd think carefully about using one as you need to be really careful with your partner's strings as they hang just a couple of inches outside of her cervix.

The cervix is pretty tough and it takes quite a bit of effort to remove a coil (I had mine removed last year) so as long as you don't go grabbing the string and pulling and are very careful when opening and closing the speculum, you may find it's perfectly safe. However, in the heat of the moment we're not always thinking about being super-gentle and careful!

Obviously we aren't medically trained so we can't say whether using one is safe with a coil, so if you're able to talk to a doctor in confidence perhaps see if they can help. Otherwise, it might be best to steer clear as your partner won't thank you if it becomes dislodged, as this can be painful or it may move without you noticing and become less effective.

Good luck with finding a more helpful answer and sorry I couldn't give you a better one!

It should not cause a problem as the coil is in her womb and the stretching toys will only strech her vagina and labia. You may be able to see the strings coming out of her cervix though.

DOOOONT catch the strings , it will hurt like merry hell ... an not even in a fun way *crossing legs just thinking about it * ouuuch

Thanks for your help i will either be careful or reevaluate.