Can you add any ideas to my plan

Hiya all it's hubby's birthday coming up and I'm planning a special night for him we live away from family and don't have any babysitter so a night out is a no

so I have a date night at home planned cooked meal and wine I have all so got a naughty school outfit and suspenders to put on I plan on blindfolding him and maybe getting some sort of massage oil like a warming one when u blow on it (if anyone can recommend a good one ) but I'm stuck on what else I could do as nights are almost always focused on me like using toys on me and whatever... I want the night to be focused on him for a change

Any one else have any other suggestion that I could add to his birthday night ?

Many thanks

Will your children be around at the time you are cooking the meal? I just thought it might be an idea to dress up and let him watch you cook :) Depends on self confidence though, I think I would be worried of spilling or splattering sauce down myself...not quite what id be aiming for lol

Other ideas...has he ever tried a male stroker? If you plan on the massage and could sneakily move on to using a male toy on him while he cannot see what is going on 9I suggest warming it first, in a bowl, to take some of the "what the hell is that" shock out of the situation and watching him try to work out what this nice new sensation is.

I haven't tried many massage oils but a lovely lady once sent me sliquid serenity as a gift and I simply love it (Plus its in the sale right now) its vanilla but not as you know it really, its sort of, half sweet vanilla but half musky, earthy scent too. so not too cloying or sickly. You could try a massage candle, those will warm up to drizzle on his skin. Also there are some freezable lubes, which could be fun (Evil grin) Run him a bath and help clean him, wash his hair etc.

Naughtier things:

Maybe offer yourself up to him as his "sex toy" for the night. Letting him choose what he wants. or in the form of writing down things on card and letting him pick 3. Or if blindfolded, secretly record your session and give it to him his phone back with video as a little surprise present later (So long as that kind of thing wont be taken the wrong way.) Tease and denial may be fun too, if you want to be in control. teasing him with mouth, hands, intercourse, words etc then stepping away and making him wait for the next treat. Not knowing when it is coming. Ice, candle wax (Ensure you purchase candles designed for wax play) a feather.

I hope some of this might be useful x

Fluffbags wrote:

I haven't tried many massage oils but a lovely lady once sent me sliquid serenity as a gift and I simply love it (Plus its in the sale right now) - THAT WOULD BE ME !!!

As ever 118 118 Advice line Fluffbags strikes again full of useful info.

Blindfold him and tease him wether with your body mouth hand maybe tie him to the headboard so he cant touch you or tie his hands behind his back while on the dinning room chair & toy straddle him ?

Feather in your collect, wax candels are amazing have a lovely night

Hehe thank you both so much for your replies gonna go shopping in LH now see what I can come up wiwith thanks guys

If it is usually focused on you that might be just what he likes the most. Are you certain he likes not being in control? Because if he does not the whole blind fold and tie up will not be any good suggestions. I just mean that if he usually focuses on you and toys on you he might be a bit toward the dominant side and likes to be in control and likes to see you squirm with pleasure.

If that is the case then giving a remote control to a love egg and a trip outside might be the good stuff. Perhaps put a collar on with a lock and hand him the key while at it. Perhaps some bondage tape so he can really take advantage of you any way he may want to.

However, if he likes you taking some control do tie him down but do not blindfold. We men are very visual so try not to remove this. A blowjob is better if done when you can see it than when you can't. in this scenario you can try to keep him on edge as long as you can and play around some.

Comes down a lot to what he likes I guess.

Actually that's a good point u made I didn't think of it like that

thank you very much and I think you are correct i may try the love egg and bondage tape

thank you for your post

Hi Mi,

I can second the love egg from a man's point of view. We have one and it makes us laugh so much every time we use it. Humour is such an important part of the sexual connection and using this gives him total control and you both a very funny evening. You will literally laugh yourselves to bed!!

PS. We have the Adrien Lastic Remote Egg and thoroughly recommend it!

taraman wrote:

PS. We have the Adrien Lastic Remote Egg and thoroughly recommend it!

Hi Mi - I agree with Taraman - a love egg is a great idea. It gives your man total control - which of course is a total turn on for you too! I also have the Adrien Lastic Egg - I would thoroughly recommend it too :)

No problem. I hope you get a fantastic evening the both of you.

Awww can you believe it my hubby's birthday night is not going to happen

So frustrated god damn you Mother Nature lol

and now I feel so guilty because he kind of knew I had some treats planned for him now I have got to go break the news to him ahhhh not fair lol

aww thats a shame. Still gives you time to plan a second birthday surprise for when mother nature has cleared off. I'm sure you could still give him some sort of birthday treat without full sex. Maybe treat him to a BJ after dinner? always goes down a treat haha.

Yeah I'm sure I will manage something haha

Why don't you give him all his treats wrote on cards or little gifts over the next few days in the form of clues to the treasure at the end?

Ahh that's such a good idea thank u so much 😆

Glad it helped hope you have great fun :) and your husband enjoys his treats sounds like he's going to have a great night :)

Maybe just spend the night pleasuring him. Massage, blowjob etc. and tell him is only a teaser for the real present! Then maybe leave him a few clues over the next few days, like an .o.u a bondage session . Leave it on a post it on his computer, or another note in his work diary, or write something on the bathroom mirror while he's in the shower etc. leave him lots of teasing messages so that he's gagging for it when your period ends

How about getting him to write on some post-it notes what he would like as treats?