Can't find my hubbies prostate (blush)

Hi everyone,

After a long time away from the boudoir my hubby and I are heating things up again and (thank god) trying a few new things out (WOOHOO). I finallly convinced him to let me try to find his prostate ( only took me about 7 years persuasion lol) only to find that I can't find it! Consequently whilst he enjoyed it it wasn't quite as earth shattering for him as I hoped it would be. I did plenty of massage externally beforehand and he allowed me in after a while. I used my first finger as far as it would go but nothing.

I've been taking a look at the Njoy prostate massager and that seems to be longer than my finger. Could it be I am just not far enough in?

Would really appreciate any advice.


I'm not overly experienced in prostate massage but there are a lot of different toys specifically made for prostate massage. I'd definitely try with one of them. The Njoy toys look very high quality and I know the aneros are very popular. If you look at the LH blog, they compared all the Aneros prostate massagers a while ago. I'd check that out xxx

I've not had much experience of actual prostate massage (well not successful hehe I'm interested in this post), but the pereneum (the bit between the balls and bum) is kind of like the external version. If you massage it while giving oral or if you can get at it while your having sex I'm told it's very nice ;) If you put a fair bit of pressure on it right before orgasm it intensifies and elongates it, and according to my ex "feels like it's being sucked out of me!". Good luck!!

Chances are you'r too far in.

Personally Id say avoid a toy until you know what you're aiming for, plus I've never found a toy to bring me off as strongly as my partners tiny finger (she has tiny tiny hands).

Get him on his back and relaxed with a pillow underneath his bum and his feet either resting on a similar level or with his knees tucked up to his body.

Slide in your finger (usually middle for her) and aim towards the front wall. Trace circles at different depths and after a few minutes slide your finger back out leave it a minute then put it back in. Notice anything more engorged? Likely its his prostate.

Personally I like it being rubbed around with a firm (not too firm) pressure, with lots of changing of direction as I'm getting close. Try to get him not to fiddle with his cock as it'll cut short the lengthy orgasm feeling you get from a prostate massage.

I'll repeat as well, its not as deep as you might think!

WOW thanks for the advice.

Thanks sxe_couple21! Great to hear from a guy who can speak from experience. My husband can't tell me since until a couple of weeks ago his backside was one way traffic only. I'm really looking forward to trying out your advice - I only hope it doesn't take me another 7 years to convince him to have another go!

Cheers guys! Thanks :-)

(I'll let you know how it goes)