Can't orgasm ?!?!

I've been with my parter for 2 years and don't get me wrong the sex is great but I literally just can't cum and never have had an orgasm which is shit, all my friends brag about it but I just don't feel like I can. Has anyone got any tips or situations that could help.
Any help would be great xx

Is it just penetration you can't orgasm from or is it any type of stimulation?

are you fully comfortable with eachother? fear of letting yourself go is a killer in the bedroom, try some tingle or heat lubes, experiment with them yourself first (no one knows your body like you do) and if you find something that gets you there guide your OH into these techniques during foreplay, you can also jump on top and have him massage your clitoris while you work the other alot of people cant cum through penetration alone so maybe this is the case for you

Since you've not said much in the way of what you have and haven't tried I'll just give some general advice.

I'd say take some time to just experiment by yourself. I find that if you already have trouble with orgasming or are unsure of what works for you, having someone else there can add an extra layer of pressure. Though some people feel more comfortable with a partner, if that's the case for you, maybe ask your partner to spend a night focussing on you.

What's most important is that you create an environment in which you don't feel pressured to orgasm, it's easier said than done, but if you're always worrying about the end goal you won't be able to relax.

You can buy orgasm gels/balms to help, and if you have any toys I'd definitely try using them, foreplay, postplay and during! If you don't have any I'd recommend a cheap bullet vibrator to start off with, and if you find that works for you you might invest in something a bit more expensive.

One thing I will say, though, is that while orgasms are great, they aren't the be-all and end-all. Some of the best times my bf and I have had haven't been to do with cumming, but more about intimacy and being in the moment. Plus, less focus on this may actually help you to finish, as you'll be more relaxed.

Plus, if you're shy about talking to your partner just now, you could masturbate to see if you can cum by yourself. If you find this works, masturbate with your partner watching; it's basically a how-to guide using actions not words, so he/she'll know exactly what you like. Also, if you do try masturbating, again I'd suggest spending time without orgasming being the aim; give yourself a 15/20 minute window just to please yourself, and get to know what feels good, but don't keep going if you can't finish within this time, as you'll just get frustrated if you can't.

Hope this helps!

Spend some time playing solo. Get to learn what you like and what feels good.. Sometimes orgasms aren't the best thing in the world. I like to cum quite late during sex as otherwise I find I dry up and get uncomfortable at a very rapid pace. There's no shame in not having an orgasm, either. A women's orgasm is as much physical as it is mental, if you stress yourself out ans get frustrated you will never get there!

+ 1 for what everyone else has said
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I'm kinda the same but I *have* made myself cum, I've just never had anyone else make me cum.
I'm 100% comfortable with my current partner it's just not happening.
I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

To keep on trying is the key.

Different moods, lighting, times of the day, quiet music, hot shower, thoughts of what you would like to do or have done to you.

Try them all But dont get frustrated because that will be like building a brick wall which can be very hard to get over.

Just relax and enjoy.