Chain toy

Recently I say this programme called sex love and goop. They were helping a couple explore there kink, and they were playing with a chain flogger, just to feel the chain against her body gently, not actual flogging with it or anything. It was quite a turn on.
I have been looking on Lovehoney for such a toy but can only find on more extreme websites which I feel a bit odd buying from because I don’t know how discreet there packaging is.
Not much point to this I guess. Haven’t been here for a while, so guess I’m saying hi again.


Hi and welcome back :blush: you could pop a post in the Pander to me! thread maybe?

Hello :wave:

Cant help with the whip unfortunately.

Welcome back @BL140505

I have one it has a black handle and strap with silver metal chains…it feels lovely and cool when wandering across your body. Have had it a good 6 years now.

Like someone else suggested…try adding it to the pander to me thread.

Good luck in finding one.

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Lovehoney did have a necklace style one that had a small ball chain flogger on the end, but I think it may have been discontinued as I can’t seem to find it.

Good luck finding one though, they are amazing

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Hmmm, Lovehoney did used to sell one, nothing extreme but certainly had chain fronds. I can’t find it now so I fear it has been discontinued. I suggest following @MsSubExperimenter 's advice and popping a request, maybe with a link to the kind you’d like in Pander to me! … PRODUCTS ONLY.

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@Calie @Peitho This?

It’s been in my wishlist forever! It doesn’t say discontinued so fingers crossed!

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We have one that sounds very similar - and we bought it years ago from a certain high street retailer that sells toys and underwear. A quick google tells me they no longer sell it but took me only a minute or two to find one on the river… :wink:

Mine is on my profile pic. Unfortunately I can’t say where I got it from on here but if you Google chain flogger plenty come up if you look at images. It’s great being stroked over the skin. It’s also pretty good when been used to flog :smiling_imp::hot_face:

No, well not the one I was thinking of anyway, there was a black handled one with silver, quite wide link, chain fronds… I’m pretty sure I’m not making it up!

(…I might be getting confused though :thinking:)

The one you’ve linked might perhsps fit @BL140505 's requirements when it’s back in stock?

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I’d not seen one of these before - it’s also gone on my wishlist.

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That was the one I was thinking of! Couldn’t find it in a quick search. Glad they still have it; I really like it

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We don’t have a chain flogger (or any other flogger actually as we’re not into impact play) but I have 2 sets of nipple chains and a slave collar, all of which can be chained to my cock cage and I have a second slave collar which is chained to my anal hook.

I love the feeling of the chains against my skin and my wife loves the way they look on me and the effects they have on me when she pulls on them.

Haha hey welcome to the forum and great starter post! I’m sure you can just get chain from a DIY shop or online with no worries about packaging :sweat_smile:

Pretty sure I saw that in the outlet section but here’s hoping :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile:

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