Sleeping in Chastity

I’ve started wearing a cage alot and last night had a go at sleeping in it as I wanted to go for 24-48hrs with it on.

Fell asleep no drama but woke up about after an hour and couldn’t get back to sleep. The cage was comfy and I wasn’t at half mast or anything.

I gave up at midnight, tool it off and bang lights out all good.

I’m mainly doing this for me although my OH did join in with a bit of teasing last night and took advantage of the situation, yay! But there’s no pressure/dynamic involved at the moment so it is a personal target.

Any advice welcome. It’s not one from LH, it’s plastic but has the same style bars as the Dominx Prisoner.

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If the cage was comfortable and you weren’t erect then it was probably a mental awareness thing. Your brain knew something was different and stayed awake.

The only problem I have sleeping in my cage is when I need to wee and I get hard or semi hard inside the cage. The cage gets pulled forwards and pulls at the skin under my scrotum. It’s largely an age thing as nowadays I have to get up 2 or 3 times each night. Others users have recommended a smaller cage but I’ve tried all sizes and it makes no difference for me.

I suggest, if there’s no discomfort, that you persevere for a few nights till your brain gets used to the idea.

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Thanks for the advice. Let’s see how it goes.

Funny how things can disturb our sleep patterns but I sense the best way you’ll be able to tackle this is to keep with it until your mind and body accepts it as a normal thing for bedtime