Clitoral issues

Hi! Couldn't find an already existing thread for this. I posted months ago as I appear to have no clit. I found out that nearly 20% of women have an issue where tissue covers the head of the clit, severly reducing sensation. The only cure seems to be a very expensive ($3500) operation only avaliable in America to remove the excess tissue, like a semi circumcision (not at all like FGM! Very different procedure). I don't know if i actually have a clit or if it's just covered by scar tissue from a past traumatic event. I'm a bit bummed out, I've never had an orgasm (I don't enjoy anal stimulation at all), low sensitivity, low libido and I don't have that kind of money. I feel like I'm hugely missing out :(

Does anybody on here suffer from this/know anyone that does? Did they remedy it somehow or get an op? Would love to know - any advice, info, anything is appreciated. Thanks guys!

Have you been to a gynocologist? Do you know for sure what you do / don't have?

That would seem to be the first step, then you can find out from there what the options are

Idk if this is of a thought. I knew of a friend that had the interest to 'share' this with me why, idk... however, as she tells me, she has the problem of no feeling in that 'area' so, she goes out to piece it. with a ring, in though her clit. gave her 'feeling' down there for a few weeks.

its a passing thought. but do look into it before going to get something like that done

There must be something the NHS can do for you. It is an anatomical issue and isn't cosmetic. Males have their foreskin removed if it is too tight etc. Don't see how this is any different ? Have you been to your GP? Don't worry about being embarrased, they'll have seen hundreds of vagina's.


Agree with SquirtyPanda about trying the GP. Do you have any luck when it engourges during arousal? Also internal orgasms are clitoral orgasms too really. Perhaps you could try experimenting more with that? I'm sorry I have no experience of this, mine is the opposite and so sensitive it's often painful. As such I can only stimulate it through the hood rather than directly.

Came here to say the same: see a GP/ObGyn about it if you haven't already :) It's not something to be embarassed about. Also, it's a misconception that the clitoris is only the little thing under the hood. It's actually a rather large structure internally, and some vulval/vaginal stimulation also stimulates the internal clitoris. Maybe try stimulating the internal clitoris?

I strongly agree with all of above suggestions to visit a gynecologist about it. I don't think it is never stressed enough that googling or in general the Internet are not valid substitutes to the opinion of a professional, or more than one. There is nothing to be ashamed of and all to gain in having a specialist help you understand if and what could be wrong with your body.

I wish you all the best

Thankyou all for your replies and advise, it is much appreciated :) . I have been to the about it before GP before, who gave me an extremely painful exam and said my situation is "not an issue" :/ . I haven't wanted to go and ask for help again after that. I should try again though, hopefully they will help this time

I think you need to see a different doctor for a second opinion. If it's bothering you then clearly saying it isn't an issue is inappropriate. It is an issue...... particularly to you. Hope you can find a more sympathetic doctor *hugs* xx