clothed and unclothed

Has anyone here expericance what i believe is know as clothed and unclothed sex, where one of you is fully dressed and the other is completely naked. Can anyone recommend it? Do you prefer to be the one clothed or to be naked?

Oooo yes.. MalRoss - I find it very erotic to be naked and screwed by my fully clothed partner!!

I love the feeling of skin on skin so not for me.

I like to be the one to be naked while he's fully dressed, I find it very sexy!

I'm often naked in front of our fully dressed friends as part of my humiliation, I prefer them making fun of me whilst they are clothed.

No I must admit I have never tried this. I would like to be the clothed one if I was going to give it a try.

I've experienced this and I found it really hot. I was the one naked and whilst that made me feel a bit vulnerable, it also made it super arousing and exciting.

I love it, my favourite role play is where he is the business man sexy and smartly dressed (even shoes polished lol) smelling gorgeous and then I be the escort and we do clothed and unclothed, one of my longest standing fantasies, no idea where it came from, quite possibly from outdoor sex early on before we had kids. I have always been more exhibitionist, he isn't so plays it safe and stays fully clothed 😋

Cant believe i have never tried this as i really love dry sex and solo dry humping.