Dressing up?

i wasn't sure where to post this but this seemed most appropriate.
id love to dress up during sex but my bf says that it doesnt really turn him on. i think he just hasnt seen a really sexy outfit.
does anyone else dress up and what outfits work the best to turn him on?
thanks! xxx

hi. well as you can see from my picture, i love to dress up. i prefer the more sexy oufits as opposed to outfits like a nurse or maid. the one in my picture is a chemise with lacy stockings and some sexy shoes (which you cannot see). anyway...check these out:-

with some sexy shoes like:-

be sure to get some sexy stockings as well

well im getting abit carried away now. hope that helps x

hi danni i love dressing up my fella loves to see me in differant theams he wont dress up that disapoints me got him a great fire man outfit from ann summers still in the box! my best thrill was when i drest as a naughty nurse i was 7 months pregnant and i still got in to it !!!that feeling was better than sex that night x

Corsets, stockings and heels appeal to nearly every red blooded male but dressing up as part of role play for instance as a slave girl or french maid forcing your man to conform to a role of master or customer can make a man feel silly. And getting them to actually take part in the game by dressing up as a fireman may be make a man feel insecure and that you want someone different to him.

It might be best to start the games by dressing up in fantasy underwear such as the examples given by ameri2490 and hope to build up to more exotic costumes when he's more used to the idea.

Dressing up as a Masseuse is often a good introduction as all the bloke has to start off doing is to lie back and be massaged and most men can manage to role play that much.

lol yea im liking some of those outfits! espically the shoes! i think ill have to go and buy some new stuff and try it out. hopefully he will want to try more dressing up! x

Maybe your fella isnt into dressing up as he sees it as being sleazy. My man wouldnt appreciate me in a dirty outfit but something white lacey and innocent looking drives him wild.

Try something like that, white or pale pink. And dont forget the stockings!

Hello there danni, I have dressed up as a cat a bunny a maid.. in bascs and they all end up the same... ripped and ruined :P... best thing to do is dress up with out him knowing what you are dressing as or even that you are dressing up... my hubby wasnt keen on the idea of me dressing up either... but when I did he didnt turn me down!!
Maybe its because he hasnt seen you all dressed up as whatever it is you wanna be... but if he loves you and finds you insanly attactive then it shouldnt matter what you dress up as as long as ur happy in it..he should embrace your desires!

I have a devil costume that my bf rather likes ;)


We love to dress up...maid, school girl, hooker, cute little santa outfit, evening dress with stockings, basque undernmeath...and that's just the wife. She likes me in smart clothes, shirt, suit trousers, dinner suit etc, a la James Bond. She will go out in a medium length skirt, with no panties etc. The thrill is knowing it. At the pictures we still like to stroke each other in the dark, and we have had sex on an old steam railway near us in one of those compartments that you can only get to from the platform: you know the sort of thing, bend over lift skirt pull out cock and alide it in, all to the rocking and rolling of the steam train.

i absolutely adore dressing up, i tend to surprise my boyfriend alot with different outfits. I even cook dinner for him naked! needless to say, dinner doesnt really get eaten when i do this!!
My fella is a big fan of the naughty schoolgirl get up, and basques and stockings. I love seeing him dressed in a smart suit!! He wont dress up for me =[ but he wears a suit to work everyday!!!! }=]

I instantly melt for a man in a good suit. My ex once suprised me by coming over straight from work in his sexy suit, having told me to dress as a school girl for him, and we got some damned good sex out of that one! School girl/ teacher RP is very fun.

Personally though, I agree that sexy underwear is the way to go for the start. Nothing beats stockings for my boyf- he goes crazy for them!

Another alternative is (depending on your age) going out dressed up for halloween. And then seducing him still in costume.

last halloween i dressed up as a naughty devil, black tutu, red basque, red fishnet stockings.. we went out to a party, i could feel my fellas eye undressing me all night!! we didnt stay too long!!
I've only dressed as a school girl once.. but i think ill do it a bit more often!! oh the wonders of dressing up!

my typing is soooo pants tonight... i meant to write eyes instead of eye!

Come off it. Really he only has one eye.

He onlt has one where it counts anyway... ;)

i cant get my other half to dress up but he loves me dressing up, i have quite a range of costumes i suppose you could call them ive got alot of basques/corsets, teddys, catsuits, babydolls, amongst them ive got alot of other costumes to my favs outta my collection are my naughty skoolgal, sexy bo peep (long story) my cowgirl lycra chaps! my army gal costume, and my sailor gal 1. i have loads more some very strange 1s 2 i must admit!

yup...he's a cyclops!