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Has anyone got any recommendations for genuine adult contact sites?

I've tried out a few but 9 out of ten turns out to be a scam. For instance, Fuck Buddies and Sex Contacts UK - you sign up for free and add your details. You even start getting emails saying "you've received an email from an interested member" which sounds great. But to reply to them you have to pay a subscription fee. That's no big deal, but the problem is, the emails are fake! Turns out the two sites I joined are run by the same company in Gibraltar. I know this because one of the "interested members" who emailed me was myself, from the other site. What a con!

So, are there any non scam, genuine adult contact sites?

That company in Gib that I mentioned is called Bone-Fish Ltd by the way, and they seem to have loads of different contact web sites under different names. So watch out before you pay!

Hey Orgasm Army - there's a gap in the market here for a genuine service!

Try This One

@ Chicksands - well I did part with some money and I never got a single genuine contact from another member. The site owners generate random inter-member "contacts" for everyones inbox just to make it look like it's worth joining.

You can test it yourself - join each of their sites under a different name. Very soon you'll find that you've sent yourself an invitation to have sex!

I also tried it out by creating a really odd profile that would never get replies in a million years - "54 stone one legged midget with bad breath and psycopathic tendencies seeks vampire lesbian with acne" sort of thing. Would you believe it, my inbox started filling up with messeges from hot babes wanting fun. Take my word for it - don't go near anything owned by Bone Fish.

@ poopsy - thanks for that - looks promising :-) is a good one but as always you have to be good at weeding out the time wasters.

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I find good. From what I hear from guys, you do need to be a paid member to get full value from it; by as far as my experience goes all the people are definitely real! How genuine they are is another matter, but the people being real is a good start compared to your past experience!

poopsy40 wrote:

Try This One

i signed to this one and paid for one month it was rubish it also has two or three sister sites that are also rubbish i've tryed about 20 or 30 the best i found was facebook lol


We were members of the adult hub a couple of years ago. Yes you have to pay for the full service, and yes they are real people. However, sifting the genuine from the idiots, timewasters and downright weirdos becomes a pain. Many single men post as a couple or as a single female.

We tried to sift them by asking them to cam on MSN at quite an early stage, and so often there would be the one single bloke who had posted as a couple. When asked where his wife was, it was "Oh, she's just popped out" or something. Yeah right, at midnight.

They're more trouble than they're worth matey.


This site is TOTAL scam.......

No one is real on here at all.....................

I'm luckily a pretty good looking guy......I've got genuine replies from serious women on several other sites.....SiTUK is absolute FRAUD.

I sent them a letter on their 'Report a Scam' section, telling them that THEY are the Scam and they didn't reply....................If I was running a straight bizz and had someone saying I was a thief I'd want to find out what the problem was.........


All you get is messages from girls running live web-cam pay sites........and all of a sudden people trying to scam me from everywhere appeared.........within HOURS of joining up to SintUK......

All with alarming similarities. I seems that OTHER SCAMMERS are using, and being invited to do so, by the company that runs this!!!!!

A friend of mine is going out with a bloke she met on Sex In The UK so there are some genuine people on it, it's up to the users to find them amongst the cam-girls and other crap.