Ok so we are always was trying and looking for new things to try .
we have just tryed cupping.
brought the 6 piece cupping set of hear and gave it ago.
I actually don't have a clue what i make of if it ?
it's not unpleasant, it dint do anything for me either.

Wondering if there's something I'm missing?
or if there's a certain time cups should be left? ect just seemed a bit of a empty act.
Am I doing this wrong?
Placed on skin pumped left released left some nice marks on skin.
The release when pulling pin felt ok but just not sure what your suppose to get out of it.
Light any one ?

Also have you ever tried something that's left you thinking I just realy don't know how I feel about it ??

Yes when my Mrs gave me a hard spanking with a paddle whilst doing a role play. Its really her thing and not mine( thats why its within our boundaries as I normally, am the spanker) and it just really didn't do anything for me . I didn't tell her that of course as she would have taken it as her doing something wrong. I just left me with a very sore rear for a couple of days.!

Poor you and I don't see why you couldn't tell her it dint do it for you.
As I like a spanked bottom hubby has told me he doesn't get anything from it. It dosnt do anything from him.
but that's fine we don't have to like everthing the same.
He is happy to give me a spanking and quite likes it as he knows I enjoy it.

I know what you mean but I just didn't want to spoil the roleplay at the time especially as she was taken the lead for once . I think if I said something it would have dented her confidence and her taking the lead is something I would like more of. I suppose its one of those things you have to do for love.

Mysteron it's lovely that you would "take one for the team" but telling her that sexually it doesn't do anything for you is okay, you can still tell her that you don't love to be spanked but that like the fact that it turns her on and therefore you don't mind if she wants to do it again and I would also encourage you to tell her that what you really enjoyed is her being in charge, especially if she were to do (you fill in the blanks)

Glittergirl we tried using the pussy pump for the first time and I'm not sure how I felt about it, we didn't use it for long enough I don't think (I read on a review you need 30mins for it to really take effect) At the time I think I was more aroused by the fact that he was in charge as I love him to be dominant and the slight element of pain and indirect focus on my pussy but we were tired and switched to my rabbit instead as we had already had sex.