Date night sex

Morning Everyone.

I’m taking Mrs A out for dinner tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out alone and child free for the night. What does everyone do, sex first then dinner and drinks and make the most of the night or Dinner then back for sex?



It could be an age thing but after we’ve had a nice dinner and some drinks we tend to fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow so I would suggest sex first then dinner. You never know though. You might get sex afterwards as well.


I think it depends on how much free time you have without the kids before going out. Like @rockstar says a meal and a drink can sometimes make you feel tired after going out.
We had a few hrs without the kids last weekend so went straight for the sex


Why not have nice nibble finger food…spread a mat out on the floor, have bottle of bubbly with sex interspersed. Stretch out the sex over the evening. Get slightly squiffy and have fun sex.
Bit of porn linked up to TV running in the background, what’s not to like.

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I’ve even thrown some rose petals out on the mat for a bit of fun… always well received :grin:

Just go with the flow @astroguy and see how the night goes, don’t pre plan too much as sometimes they can end up being the best nights.
You might end up having some fun beforehand afterwards or if feeling naughty possibly during you night out :wink:
Enjoy and have a great date night :+1:

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I like to get straight on it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Undressing eachother, passionately kissing. Hands all over eachother. Then the most amazing, intense sex :exploding_head:

Then we’ll go out to dinner or whatever we had planned, and have a lovely evening.


We usually do dinner first but then we usually fall asleep as soon as we get home! :sleeping: Maybe sex first?


Always sex first. If you’re anything like me, you’ll say something hilarious that goes down like a lead balloon and that’s the end of that :sob::joy:

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Another vote for sex first! I find it can go one of two ways, either you have your meal and get really horny and have a great night, or you eat one mouthful too much or have one drink too many and you get bloated and as soon as you get home you are asleep :sweat_smile:

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Keep the excitement and anticipation high, sex at the end of the night :slightly_smiling_face:

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From what I’ve learned off the Simpsons it’s never a good idea to eat dinner first before sex as you’ll be too full or bloated to get down and sexy afterwards!

Penetrative sex for starter, oral to finish. :relaxed:

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We have always traditionally gone for the end of the night after dinner. However sometimes being overly full or tired gets in the way.

I’m loving the idea of going for it beforehand.

I think we have just been stuck in the routine of how we always do it. Loving how the forum has opened our eyes to mixing it up with just simple changes.


@Wood_Wow I fell victim of this last night.

I always seem to prefer in bed sex then straight to sleep.

We had a giant takeaway last night. Got to bed to find Mr John had laid out something for me to wear (from LH ofcourse).

I was so full I had to turn him down. First time in a good 10 years.


:frowning: awwwhhh. :joy:


Depends on the situation.

If we are going out somewhere that we are likely to have a few drinks / eat too much then definitely sex first as wife hates getting naked after a massive meal and I just want to sleep on alcohol, it absolutely kills my libido stone dead.

If we can ditch the kids a bit earlier in the day then a good afternoon session followed by evening out is out favored option.


We tend to have sex when we get back, it you’re right sometimes it can be hard to fight the urge to go to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Though if we’re having date night and we don’t have the kids you better believe we’re having sex :joy::joy:

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Sex first and then the dampness all night reminds you of the session and you are ready for more when you get home​:grinning:


My wife and I had a night away in a hotel last weekend, the first in ages. We had a very passionate session before we went to eat, all evening she said she felt open and soaked and was loving the feelings. She couldn’t wait for a second round as soon as we got back from the restaurant, she didn’t even undress and just bent over on the bed and demanded I pound her again! :yum: