Deleting Lovehoney Account

I know what you mean VK you did only aask how to delete you acc , the reactions and advice is because you are or were a popular forum member , chin up and good luck

We will all miss you babe :,( having been in an abusive relationship myself I personally think your doing the wrong thing but it's not for me to say babe.

I just hope your happy and wish you all the best. Goodbye babe :,( xxxxxxx you'll be missed

I'm going to miss you so much VK, I do hope you come back soon. Big hugs xx

Missed all this, very sad to see you go VK/MG - you'll be missed x

And Gunther, no one forced you to read the thread or comment so why don't you just STFU.

I hope everything works out for you. I understand where you're coming from and I'm sure the decision wasn't easy to make but I know what you mean about wanting to stay with your partner because you love him. Just promise you won't put up with any threats and don't let him manipulate or control you anytime in the future. Best of luck, I'll miss you loads xxxxx

And gunther, that's so rude. How could you even think that, let alone say it. I don't think that's crossed anyone's mind. You're being extremely rude and hurtful to someone who is clearly going through a though time.

Very bad week for me for news and this just sad too, you will be missed, but I can't help feeling this is the first step into hell loads of hugs hope I'm wrong but somehow I don't think I am.

Vanilla_Kink wrote:

Hello :) Just had to pop back on and explain. Despite probably knowing better after having a long chat with my partner I gave in. When he explained his reasoning behind asking me to stop using the forum I understood more. I really hope it turns out I did the right thing =/ I am going to continue shopping at lovehoney and I won't give up writing my reviews but I am not going to be using the forum anymore :( I am still going to be nosing through it though but will just have to resist the temptation to post anything. The LH community is filled with so many lovely and supportive people and I'm going to miss it soo much! Thank you everyone for all of your support over the time I have been using the forum and especially with this recent thread <3 xxx

This does make me very sad V_K, but if you feel this is the right thing to do then we can only support you. Please know that you are always welcome back here anytime, and we will miss you greatly. Take no notice of the unecessarily rude and cruel comment which has been made by one certain member of the forum and be assured that this will be addressed. I'm sorry you had to endure a negative post in your final days in the forums. That is NOT what Lovehoney is about.

Good luck with everything hun, and I hope this won't be the last time we see you on here <3

Oh babe I wish you didn't feel Like you had to go. We will all miss you x x

Good luck MG/VK, I hope it all works out for you. Life sometimes imposes hard decisions on us and 'suspending' your LH account to support your real life relationship for whatever reason sounds like a good decision to me. You can always come back as Jess kindly confirms. Still sad to see one of my LH friends leaving x

Just to add to the comments saying that I'm sad to see you go, but that you have to do what's right for you. A bunch of virtual friends living in the cloud can give lots of support and advice, but ultimately real life is more important and only you know what's best for you.

Hi. Is there a way I can delete my LH account ? I have emailed the request through the LH Contact pages yesterday and again early this morning but have not heard back from LH and my account is still active . Is this due to a very busy period at LH or is it impossible to delete?

I would suggest trying to ask on live chat which can be found under 'contact us' at the bottom of the page x