Dildos how to keep warm

Title says all , I just wanted to share our method of keeping a dildo warm and ready to go we have an ice bucket(wine cooler) filled with warm/hot water and place it in about 5 mins before we need it, and its perfect .Rabbit vibes also hang on the side easily.

If your into temperature play you could have ice and water (shivers ).Me thinks you would need two ice buckets for hot and cold .
Whats your way to keep your dildo warm ?

Hmmm I've never really bothered about whether it's warm or not. Something to try!

Nice idea - classy too, with the ice bucket!

You could keep a bottle of red wine in the warm one and white in the cold one ---- Just a thought!!!!

I was thinking along the lines of using the ice cubes for some interesting teasing activities if you were keeping the dildo cool. Oh, and including a bottle of bubbly too of course!