Dirty talk in the bedroom? Tips, advice, etc

I have a lot of dirty and kinky fantasies about my OH. I find it a real turn on to think about her with other people. Both men an women (and even hentai style at times). I like the thought of her being naughty without my knowledge and Accidently leaving a webcam and I get to see the things she gets up to. I'm not sure how to bring up this topic but when I hear her talk dirty it drives me mad and I wonder if she has fantasies like this. Does anyone else?

Sometimes fantasies are best kept that way, Involving other people can have drastic consequences sometimes, But my advise would be to float the idea of a threesome and guage the reaction, and move slowly onto your ideas if all is well.

I cant help with the dirty talk, we tried it once and rolled up laughing. It didnt suit us.

Your wife will for sure have fantasies but if they ever come to light might be another thing, It took years to get MrsTrines out :)

I would bring it up with your partner but before actually acting on it if it’s something that was considered, I’d be careful, in past experience bringing another person into the relationship even if it is just for sex can have really bad consequences. Funnily enough me and my partner were talking about this the other day as we were discussing what each other fanaticises about but we both agreed bringing other people in would be a bit much. Some people can do it no problem but personally I couldn’t, I’ve done it before and sparks off a lot of jealousy and tension. Before I even got to saying my point on why I wouldn’t do it again with my partner because of past relationships he said well I wouldn’t want to share you, which re instated my views on it being risky. But as I say, some people can do it, no issues, but I think even if you think oh I wouldn’t be jealous and it’s consented to anyway, actually acting on it and doing it can spark feelings off like that anyway, sort of like you don’t know how you’d feel fully until it’s done and it can’t be taken back. Entirely up to you though, just be wary is all I’m saying. But definitely discuss it with your partner, but sometimes fantasies are better left as just a fantasy ☺️

I don't want to bring anyone else in its more the fantasy and talking about it during sex. Some of them are hentai style fantasies and couldn't happen any way. I don't know if anyone has seen the movie legend with Tim curry as the demon but I have a fantasy that he comes through our mirror at night and my OH willingly goes with him. I wake up and get to watch everything in the mirror. Hot! Not sure how t bring it up though. But it's more about fantasy and maybe roleplay

We're always very explicit about what we want and what we like, using words we we wouldn't use out of the bedroom. Not keen on name-calling though, some men seem to enjoy using sexist insults or crude obscenities when having sex..