Do We-Vibe Toys only last about a year?

We have bought We-Vibe Tango, We-Vibe Touch and We-Vibe Rave and all three are top-notch toys giving powerful orgasms.

However, after around 10 - 12 months, we've found that performance goes downhill, they're not as powerful, need to be charged more frequently and tend to overheat.

Has anyone else noticed similar problems?

Can anyone recommend another great alternative to We-Vibe brand that maybe lasts longer? We've also tried Lelo in the past and that's not as good.

My Tango and Touch have lasted well (so far), but my Rave was a disappointment. I'd only used it a handful of times but kept the battery conditioned (as I do with all my rechargeables).

I pulled it out for a play one day and the battery was dead. Thought it was a bit weird, but put it on charge. Went back an hour later but it hadn't seemed to charge at all.

Gave it a few more hours and nothing. Dead as a dodo.

It was a few days past the warranty. Very annoying, but We-Vibe's loss ultimately as I replaced it with a Lelo Mona 2. That's still like new a few years on.

I always thought I'd be forced to replace my Tango if it died as it's a fast and guaranteed orgasm for me, However, I bought the Mantric bullet just before Christmas and love it.