double vaginal penetrations

can you help me wot is a good size for dp with a toy and my hubby and does the colour make a difference [i like black but dont know why ?]also does using big toys alot cause as i put it a bucket fanny

Depends on the size of the bucket

Seriously though - not if you do things gradually, gently and are sensible. Start by inserting a vibrator or dildo and then try inserting another slim one alongside. Get used to this before moving on to wider toys. Always use plenty of lube. Take a look at Lovehoney and browse the dildo section - pick a slim one you like the look of. Its all down to personal choice, so you're the best person to pick the one. Colour makes no difference but silicone is best if you can afford it. Some dildos have a horrid plastic smell but silicone does not.

WRT making a bucket of ones pussey Mrs E has worked up to some very large dildos over the years and her pussy is as tight as ever its just more flexable the human body is amazing in fact she says now she has a trained pussy her orgasms are more intense and spread further through her pussy and body its all about fitness down there and working upto large dildos is very good exercise .

For my point of view wow what her pussy can do to my cock is amazing once tried you will never go back to an untrained pussy, its truly awsome .Take note girls.

We believe that yes peoples parts do vary in in size but its what you do with it that counts Mrs E I would say falls into the small bracket of ladies size but I bet she could take a bigger dildo than another person with a large pussy , no contest.

So can you make a bucket of a pussy with sex toys NO in fact all would benefit from the use of a dildo

many thanks

i will have to give it a try and see where it goes.