Doxy Die Cast 3R Rechargeable Wand - anyone got one or used one?

Seriously looking at buying this wand but we’re not sure how powerful it is. We’ve got the Lovehoney mains powered one & it’s excellent but the lead can be a pain plus you can’t use it unless you’re near a plug. Another issue is that’s it’s hidden from prying eyes which in itself poses a problem. Pain to get to in the heat of the moment. We’re going to be buying an ottoman to sort that problem out. Anyway my question is, is the rechargeable Doxy any good? The 2 reviews says it is but was wondering if anyone had used one but hasn’t left a review. Will it be as powerful as the mains powered one. Here’s links to the wands Thanks guys

I have a mantric rechargeable one (not tried the doxy one...sorry) and the lovehoney mains powered one. The rechargeable one is no where near as powerful as the mains one but has the advantage of being to hand and waterproof...but given the choice the lovehoney mains one is my overall winner...💦💦

Thank you for the reply.

Hi I don't have the rechargeable one but I do have the mains one in Doxy 3 and Doxy diescast (full size). I honestly don't think the battery one would be a a good as the mains powered one, as I would expect power drop with time and usage, which you just don't get with the mains one.

im not sure how helpful this is.

Hi, I have the Doxy 3R and I actually wrote one of the reviews - although it was a while back.

I guess you'd like to know if I still feel the same love for it as when I first had it? The answer is OMFG yes!

I can honestly say I use it almost daily, it is my go to Wand and by far my favourite toy I own. I couldn't imagine life without it now. Its far more powerful than you would think and honesty my mains powered wand has been thrown away in the cupboard since.


Thanks for the reply!! That’s the answer I was looking for!! We love our current wand but as I said in my OP, the lead gets in the way & we’re restricted as to where we can use it. I’m grateful for all the replies, thank you once again.

Ooooooh you're going to love it! ❤️