Eating your own cum

My wife loves watching me come over her realistic dildoes and then licking them clean.The longer i take to do it and the more i lick and savour the hornier she gets.


I often give back my husband his sperm. Either by mouth when I’ve given him a BJ. I also get a clean up if he has cum on my face or breasts. Occasionally I’ve face sat whilst he licks me clean. He doesn’t have any hang up about tasting or swallowing his sperm.


Hubby, and lots of bfs before, loves ‘spunky snogs’ after a BJ.

These have developed in to him waiting with his mouth open and me dripping it in from my mouth. We both love it.


This is a dream of mine! :fire::fire:


I quite often clean the wife up after filling her up and i just love to tast of my cum and her juices mixed, from time to time i to tell her not to swallow so i can, eating my own cum makes me go wild


I went down the exact same road. Two ways to deal with it. If you have a partner, have them tie you spread eagle on your back. They have their fun then ride your face for more. If you are tied you can’t do anything about it.

If solo, cum in a small glass then hit your lips immediately without even thinking about it. Don’t wait for the orgasim to end. Just get the bulk of the shot. I went through this exact experience and found after the fist few times it was no big deal afterward.

Interesting that I never had the same hang up with giving another guy oral but I suspect that was because I was aroused the whole time. That is the challenge. As soon as you cum you loose interest.


Love the taste of my own cum whether it’s after I’ve solo played or had intercourse with OH whether that be anal or vaginal I’ve only ever tasted one other persons cum and that was our trans friend Christine


From it happening occasionally, I now eat my own cum all the time. By cleaning it up from her pussy, tummy and boobs or by snowballing and cumkissing after a BJ. My wife aslo makes me clean it up, she make me shoot my load in my own mouth and face or over my own chest and then feeds it to me.


I’ve been thinking about this for years and chickened out every time. Thanks to you and everyone else, I took the plunge today. Now I can’t see myself turning back!


What did you find so enjoyable about it?

I find I do like the aroma, taste and feel. There’s also the curiosity, excitement and naughtiness. Lastly, a sense of achievement. Like some others here, I found a definite barrier to break through that first time. It was very satisfying once done to know that I could, I liked it, and there were no thunderbolts or police knocking down the door :smile: :+1:


Interesting. It took me 4 to 6 tries before I came to to grips with it ( no pun intended).

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I’m like a lot of guys that have the urge to eat my cum to only totally lose it once I cum. I’ve posted how I solved this when I was younger with my gf at the time by freezing cum from a previous wank session and then thaw it when I was in the mood to eat it. It was a turn on for me to lick the thawed cum up in front of her. Still don’t know to this day if it did anything for her or if she was just doing it for me. Stupidity of youth, when you just focus on yourself. So it has been a long time since I’ve eaten cum, but I have licked my pre-cum numerous times since.

So the other week I found a cum eating instruction video and while I still could not eat my cum after cumming, it did help me have a good wank. There was one part of the instruction that just drove me crazy. It instructed you to lick your pre-cum which I had no problem doing and enjoyed. Then it said “good now you’re a cum eater and you love it”. This sent me over the edge, but I still couldn’t eat all that cum I just produced. Oh well, the fantasy is sometimes better than real life.


@Pogo69 I enjoy those instruction videos too. For me, the way to get over that first time was to eat that first good spurt while |I was still cumming. With that first hurdle out of the way, I could leave it a bit later each time until I could happily pause and enjoy.

I have also recently been using the wine connoisseur’s trick of allowing my breath to move past my cum-filled mouth, carrying the vapours to my nose. This gives you a more complex, layered flavour!


@Pogo69 now i’m curious about that video :sweat_smile:
I have also freezed mine in the past… one time it made a chocolate “shell” and filled it with my own cum… it was very interesting i must admit


Search for “CEI” - Cum Eating Instruction, or “Cum Training” on a good, generalist porn site.

I’ve made conventional chocolates in the past: that sounds like a fun idea!


As others have said patience and gently gently steps generally win through.I now love eating it out of any hole my wife wishes to “serve” me from.Also,sucking a realistic come splattered dildo is awesome especially during role play where my wife will tell me to clean his cock so he can ride her again.When i masturbate i will generally lick and taste some if not all of this precious juice.The only slight downside is that now i love it Mistress has to find new ways to subjugate and humiliate me as it is now something i love.I have long been a fan of “golden treats” straight from source but i am sure she will find new ideas.


You are so right HappyInPanties…there is nothing better than eating your cum out of your wife/partner’s pussy… your cum mixed with her juices tastes so dang good, and she will really appreciate that too…cleaning her pussy of your cum and her juices and then giving her a long long kiss…It is just so sexy !!!


Exactly right @Pipkin61 . First time is the hardest (no pun intended) because you wait too long and lose interest almost instantly. Get it while still aroused. Each time after you can still do it a little later each time. After a few tries it’s no big deal and you now know what your wife, girl friend, husband, or boy friend experiences. Willing to bet that most in a hetro relationship with the male willing to give continued oral after orgasim would be a big appeal to many females. (excuse assumption here).

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Yes, I love the taste of my own cum Especially when it’s being forced down my throat

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