Ever disappointed in a sex toy?

Over the years I have purchased “several” toys , many have had great ratings / reviews . But more often than not they did not do it for me .
Being a former medical tech I can not kick the idea of a high tech toy company . I want to make custom toys that fit YOU ! It would involve some lab work , possibly including ultrasound combined with X-ray and chemical analysis . Figure out what chemical makeup will bring out primal mating drives for perfumes and lubes enhanced with pheromones . Internal devices tailored for your internals . One toy that disappointed me was a combo butt plug and cock ring . The buttplug was near perfect except the distance from it to my cock where too close . Basically make blueprints off of each individual along with pheromone required . Imagine you gals might like a dildo shaped especially for you ? I have only known one woman that had the body chemistry that blended with her perfume perfectly for me . Probably a good thing we were both married or we might have killed each other because evidently my chemistry was exactly what she liked . The expense might be a bit high , but imagine the effect on you . I am naturally horny , I can’t imagine if I had toys like this . Does this sound interesting to anyone else ? Suggestion to add to our imaginary company ?

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Sounds amazing however finding people who are willing to step outside of the forum world and into reality could be a different story.

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Constantly disappointed with penis toys, just don’t seem to get the same ‘innovation’ that penetration toys do, and incredibly frustrating that those making them really don’t take into account the wide variety of sizes. I’ve often thought about designing a toy that would take things to the next level. The pathetic attempts at “blowjob” toys, or “strokers” are embarrassing, I’m sure it would be possible to create something that properly adapts to different sizes, and really strokes or sucks, not just inflate a balloon in the hope that some sensation is enough to get you off.

However, I wonder if the lack of real innovation in this area is due to limited demand, R&D costs would be high, no guarantee of return on investment?

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Disappointed with the rocks off range. I know a lot of people highly rate them but I just find the quality lacking.

They are loud and just too buzzy. The large range of their vibes are even worse, sounds like a dentist drill lol


The other day I was telling a friend about custom logging boots a friend had made back around 1982 . Back then , the off the shelf boots cost around $450 US . They would last maybe 6 months . He found an old world boot maker who had teamed up with his son who was a Podiatrist to make completely engineered boots that required zero break in and would last several years . At the time they cost 1,800 . Buddy said they were worth every penny . Got me to thinking about applying all the tech from the medical fields to make perfect fit sex toys . Over the years I have spent more than a few and am rarely happy with pleasure return on investment . Not sure how much I would be willing to pay for custom fit , orgasm generating toys . Even to just have toys that were made to dimensions that fit the basic person would be very nice . I am hung average and have had cock rings too tight. and others so loose they were worthless .

In all honesty I don’t see many people willing to pay 1k or more in just designing a sex toy. If a toy doesn’t work out we go back to old fashioned way, our hands.


The standing joke has been “if you keep doing that , you will go blind!” . So I alternately close one eye and switch hands so one arm is not hugely larger than the other ! After decades of masturbating I do wear glasses and my arthritis is getting worse .

Although it sounds like a brilliant idea, I think it wouldn’t work out as well in reality.

I assume that a pheromone-infused toy will release pheromones for a certain amount of time. That’s no matter if the toy is being used or just sits in a drawer. Might possibly get weaker faster if you use and wash it more frequently.

For people like me who own a ton of toys, that wouldn’t be worth it. I’d only get to use it a handfull of times before I’d be left with a ‘‘regular’’ toy (meaning one that doesn’t release pheromones).

A toy that is designed to fit my anatomy perfectly sounds a lot more interesting!!!

However, I’m not sure it would be worth the price. LH (and other sellers) accept returns and/or exchanges for toys that don’t live up to the buyer’s expectations. After having tried 5-10 different toys, just by looking at a toy I can tell if it will fit me - and I’m right about 80-90% of the time.

If a custom made toy costs 3 times as much as a mass-produced one (and I’m being very optimistic here), it’s probably way cheaper to simply choose one that’s already available in the market.

That being said, there usually is a market for everything.

I might not be in the target buyers’ group for the kind of toys that you are thinking about @Oldman, but that should not deter you from designing, creating and offering such toys.

Maybe you could get a collaboration with LH :wink:

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Mostly it will just remain a fantasy . I have spent larger sums of money on toys that were not bad , just not quite up to what I was expecting . I have spent over $100 on toys that were OK , but would be willing to pay double or triple that for a toy that would fit my body for sure .

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Im disappointed in my hand sometimes, does that count ?

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So far I have not been disappointed in my hands . Remember your largest sexual organ is your brain ! Being a full time solo act , I have to utilize my brain . Some times it out preforms itself , some times it barely gets me excited .

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Rofl @Oldman I had a little laugh at your post. Basically at times you have the same problem as me occasionally

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Possibly controversial but the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Wand Vibrator. I picked it up in a DotD in September and just can’t get on with it, I find it too big and cumbersome to enjoy.

Am just within the sex toy happiness promise time to return it so think that’s what I’ll do.

Quite a few to be honest. Fallen victim to reviews a few times!

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