Exlusive to Lovehoney?

I was under the impression that the Happy Rabbits, Sqweel toys, Fifty shades collection and Bettie Page collection were all exclusive to Lovehoney. However I've seen all of them sold elsewhere over the past few months and I'm just wondering (being nosey) whether they actually are exclusive? Does anyone know?

Maybe LH branching out into b2b trade too.

Very confusing as I thought lovehoney made the happy rabbits themselves.

But I know you can get some of the fifty shads stuff in boots like the lube and that sort of stuff. X

It's entirely possible that there is an initial period of excluscivity (let's just say 12 months) where the products are only available from one source. After which, they are then able to be sold at other outlets. It happens quite a lot.

I found this -http://www.lovehoneygroup.com/press/2013/10/08/lovehoney-reveals-bettie-page-collection/ as ive not seen this collection any where else but it was on the Betty Page Twitter account as they were giving the full set away in a comp.

I've also seen the fifty shades things other places, i kinda think and agree its what David has said but it would be interesting to know all the same

Lovehoney - Nicole wrote:

Sum Sub wrote:

Maybe LH branching out into b2b trade too.

Bingo. Some ranges (FSOG, Sqweel, Happy Rabbit) are developed and made by Lovehoney but distributed to other businesses around the world. They're often exclusively sold at Lovehoney first. http://www.lovehoneygroup.com/brands/

Hope that sheds some light for you!

Ah hah. Not the 4th cleverest person in the world for nowt you know ;)