Extra girth

Has anyone used a penis extender with a partner?

Are you looking for advice or suggestions on something in particular?

The wife and I have used a penis enhancer but never an extender. It was a fun toy! It was a sleeve of sorts that slid around the shaft (base to halfway up), and had little knobs and ribs on it for extra pleasure for her during insertion. It was a gift, and we ended up throwing it away because we weren't sure that it was a "quality" product made from safe materials, but I would definitely buy a nicer one!

I have tried several with my partner and still have a couple more we are going to try soon I hope.

Was there anything specific you wanted to ask?

Really looking for something to improve girth and length

Yup had three we used. One small one, didn't really add much, a medium one that's been best but the ball ring that holds it in place broke and I've got a massive one. I really like it but the missus isn't as keen, she prefers the real thing... But i love taking her with bigger girth and length. The bigger one is a little too much for her as well... She needs working up to it and even then it's only been ok once, all other times it's been too painful. What's the question though?

I have a few reviews on here in my profile. My partners favourite is both long and girthy and is in one of my pics. It brings a smile 😊.

BigishBen wrote:

Don't need one thankfully

You're only supposed to buy sex toys you 'need'? Shit dude, I think I've been doing this all wrong. I've misguidedly been buying stuff based on how much fun I think it'd be. I feel like such an ass. 🙂

I've used a sleeve which added extra girth (and some textures) but my wife preferred me without it so it got junked.


this is my favourite

Our favourite is no longer sold, but it was like these just only 1 inch extra:




We've also tried this one, which is really girthy, but you might have a hard time getting it on if your penis is already above average: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=41220

I recently purchased an extender a month or so ago but have been unable to test it with my wife yet. When it is on it looks similar to one of the dildos that is slightly larger than I am, so I'm interested to see how she enjoys it.

We’ve used this one https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32919 Bought it as a surprise she liked it

Just ordered the 1.5 inch extender , see how that goes but I do like the idea of the extra girthy one.