Feeling sorry for myself...

I had the 2nd op of 7 I am having to fuse the top knuckle bone in my fingers so feeling very sorry for myself...

The op went well but very sore..thank goodness for tramadol.

Hugs hun. Keep loving the tramadol and try not to do too much with your hand until you can.


Massive hugs to u - hope you feel ur normal self again soon x

Take it easy:)

Big hugs huni, I hope everything went according to plan.

The thing I found with Tramadol was it did absolutely nothing for my pain, but once I had taken it I simply didn't care anymore! LOL.

Speedy recovery.

LMF xx

Dw AA, ur not the only one suffering from not being able to sleep, tried to at around 11:30ish, got bored trying to sleep at 1ish so just mooched around the house

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Think I'll take another painkiller and try again. Sick of this.

Sorry... Hijacking the thread.

*hugs* for Smirnoff. It sounds painful. xx

big hugs Avriella xxx