Female toy for male partnered sex

I’m considering getting a Womaniser -
https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/clitoral-suction-vibrators/p/womanizer-premium-smart-silence-clitoral-stimulator-blue/a40149g79366.html - has anyone got experience of using this during penetrative sex?
I want to ride my partner but get my clit involved too. Any other recommendations, preferably on the quieter side too…?

I have used similar toys and been able to have intercourse at same time, you just might need to fiddle around with a few positions. She will love it either way mate, those things are very different from the regular vibrators.

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I am the she…:slight_smile:

You got to go lower angle, up towards the g spot and someone’s going to have to hold it in position. A few towels under her butt may help getting the angles right.

Mate, you are talking to a woman. This is about my pleasure, not his…

Yes I was explaining as a woman using it on her clit while parter goes for it in front. Alternatively they work great with a glass dildo as well.

Frankly, we have similar, a satisfyer, and it’s difficult to use during regular penetrative sex.

The issue is that you need very precise positioning over the clitoris. Unless your partner’s movement are slow, you may find that it constantly moves the toy away from the clitoris. That’s why bullet vibes are so popular, they are really easy to put in the right place in most positions.

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I have the Womanizer Premium and have used it during PIV sex. It works really well and fits between us in a variety of positions. You do have to hold it in place but that’s the same for the vast majority of toys. My partner says he can feel it through me too which he likes.

Like any toy, I would suggest using it solo and getting used to where to position it, what settings you like and where the buttons are (without needing to look too much).

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Haven’t tried it with a suction toy yet but my wife uses a variety of vibrating toys on her clitoris when I’m inside her and hasn’t had space problems yet.

If you go to reverse cowgirl you can get a full sized magic wand in there.

Wow! For that price I’d expect it to give me an orgasm then me a cuppa! :flushed:

I haven’t tried a Womanizer yet, so no comment there, but many of the small fingertip vibes are made to not take up more space than your hand during PIV sex. I find I have more success with vibes when were in doggie or I’m on top. Missionary is trickier.

Hey @L0ttie - I don’t have that specific model (it’s definitely on the wishlist though!) but do have another womanizer and other suction toys that I have successfully used during penetrative sex. I prefer to hold it myself so I can keep it in position, and also find the larger head works better for partnered sex as there’s slightly more give in the movement (whereas I’m able to use either size head for solo play). Obviously this will depend on your personal anatomy but thought it was worth mentioning.

However, I generally choose a vibe for partnered sex over a clitoral suction toy. I find being on top one of the easiest positions to use a clitoral toy in, so there’s lots of options. Do you have other clitoral toys? Happy to give some recommendations but just wanted to check if theres any you’ve tried/have already :blush: Would definitely recommend a womanizer though - I think they’re brilliant.

@L0ttie, After reading this post we thought we’d give it another go. We’d tried with the Lelo sona (version 1) before and found it difficult, the original sona had quite a small head, it needed delicate positioning and would hurt her if pressed too hard. We recently got the Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator and totally agree wit @SexInTheCity, the head on the womaniser is larger, deeper and a bit softer so is a bit more forgiving on placement. Anyway with the Womanizer and me holding the toy it worked well with PIV, I wasn’t exactly trusting but was able to get movement and still keep the toy in the right spot. I didn’t feel the womaniser (as @Calie OH does) but then my misses only needs this toy on the second power setting.