First multiple orgasm

2 years ago my wonderful boyfriend gave me the best birthday present ever - my first g-spot orgasm! Last birthday he put that power in my hands and gave me the G-Twist vibrator from Lovehoney - a candy blue, smooth and ruggedly ribbed vibrator, perfectly angled to tickle the places lesser vibrators can’t reach. I was understandably chuffed and very excited.

Since then, I’ve had a love affair with the toy. But last night my experience was taken to a dizzying height. I hadn’t seen my fella for over a week and was getting incredibly frustrated. I had the house to myself so decided to indulge in a bit of self-love with my favourite rubber friend.

Given how horny I was I usually go for the quick clit satisfaction approach. However, this time I thought I deserved a bit more self-indulgence. I fantasized that I was being made love to just as my boyfriend does when we’re in the sensual mood. Sliding the vibe in slowly and deeply, then shallow and quickly – totally tantalising teasing.

Then whoosh, suddenly I was coming - and coming so strongly, my brain and my body were pulsating all over, but this time it was different. Usually my orgasm lasts about 10 seconds but this time it didn’t stop, it just kept going and going, getting harder then softer then harder again. I said to myself, this must be it, the multiple orgasm – WOW! I don’t know why but I just started laughing. I laughed and laughed for 3 minutes while these waves of ecstasy washed over me. I was so incredibly happy.

Then I called my fella straight afterwards to tell him I’d had a multiple. His response was “who with?” Which made me laugh again. Then he congratulated me and I went to bed an exhausted and very happy woman.

Now I’ve got a new challenge – to see whether I can have them as a couple, so I guess we need lots of practice. I’m getting excited again just thinking about it!

That's a great story JuicyJosie - sounds like the best present anyone ever had!

In case anyone's wondering, it's one of these that did the trick...

I had my first multiple with my girls friend in college. I did not know a guy could in fact have one but she gave it to me. what she did was she gave me a blow job and i was to tell her when i was going to come. so when i did she pressed very hard down on the base of my penis. so basically i had a orgasm but nothing came out. after i was done she kept going and i was still hard. with in 1 min i was coming again and the second one was a little harder. never in my LIFE did i ever think " perhaps you should stop" i was getting very tired my tummy mussles were throbing and my legs where all numb. she did this like 4 times and on the last one she let go. I have never come so much in my life. it flooded out like i had never seen. it almost scared me but she loved it and said "how was that." i was speechless.. god was i upset when i left college. she opened my eyes to so many new things... this was one of them.

I honestly don't remember. I'm pretty sure it was with a person rather than a toy, and probably early on in the relationship.

Then again I might have done it to myself.

Think its probably more memorable for guys/ women who dont regularly orgasm

i just cant do multiples, no matter how hard i try! the closest ive come to having em is 2-3 orgasms a few mins apart - i is so sad :( *sniff*

Mine would have been with my first proper boyfriend, that was when I really discovered sex, like crayola I think it may be mroe memorable for those who don't orgasm that often. I am lucky in that respect, I orgasm easily and it'd be more memorable if I didn't have more than one!

I'm not sure I know what a multiple orgasm is because usually after I've cum I like him to leave my clit alone. However, one day I remember a somewhat prolonged session and then I just suddenly got this terrible pain in my head. Honestly, it was just this sharp pain in my head and I felt ill. Was that a multiple orgasm? If so, no thanks.

ROFL! Nope I really wouldn't call a pain in your head a multiple ;)

It's where you orgasm, and then orgasm again shortly after and it builds up and up each time, or at least that'd be my definition of a multiple orgasm - where it just doesn't stop and keeps right on coming!

How long for? I don't think I'd like it to go on for too long, it could be inconvenient when cooking dinner.

Mrs.Naughty can have multiples through intercourse, but generally needs Mr.Naughty to talk dirty as the first one starts; along the lines of, come again straight away, go straight into another,keep coming and don't stop. And indeed she doesn't. We've counted roughly 20 or 30 sometimes (can't be too accurate at the time LOL) just coming in wave after wave.

Of course there's no point trying to get any sense out of her for the next half hour or so as her response to the simplest question is "uh."

I've actually had a multiple orgasm a couple of times, and I'm a bloke! I came strongly, stayed erect and came again fifteen seconds after finishing the first time. One was during a very intense cyber experience that I was fully immersed in with a VERY sexy and uninhibited university student from the States, and the other was during actual sex.

Totally amazing experiences, both of which left me pretty drained and satisfied! Have any other blokes had anything similar?

Well BBG l can pretty much have dry orgasms if l stroke my cock while turned on, sort of a minor orgasm, and then within the minute and without any further physical stimulation the spunk just keeps coming out in rivers and rolls down the length of my cock, no spurts mind you but a different kind of explosion !!

I didnt know men could have multiples! I'm defo going to try this out with my bf, the holding the penis at the base sounds like a plan...I will update later