First time you played ‘kink’ with a partner

I’m the kinky one, my OH wasn’t when we first had sex lol

One night during sex I blurted out how badly I wanted him to spank me. He was reluctant as he had this concern of hurting me or spanking too hard. He’s a body builder and can be heavy handed. It took a while to convince him to do it but when he did I loved it, once he saw my reaction he now does it without me asking.

We are now into all sorts, restraint play, role playing, edging etc

Find it cute considering how buff he is, how shy he used to be.

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My oh was like that at first, he would spank me but not that hard cos he didn’t want to hurt me, but I just said to him spank me really hard and leave me red raw, he now uses the slapper paddle and the crop

My OH used to make laugh saying “if I do it too hard you have permission to smack me back” :joy:

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Was over my parents and my partner took her thong off. I found them in her handbag, so took them out. Took a pic of them around my penis. Then up wearing them lead to hot sex that

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I was always fairly Vanilla but when I got with my man he gently brought up the topic of “how do you feel about…” this led to anything from anal, choking, toys etc. Usually I would be a straight off no. Bit I actually considered each question and agreed to try things slowly with him. I love that we are so open and honest and there is no judgement on my feelings or his and I trust him to keep me safe.

Now our sex life is on fire (4 years on) as it has built up with different toys and experiences and I am so thankful to him for initiating the. 1st conversation. With me.

Communication is definatly. Key.



My first proper girlfriend/relationship I discovered I liked masturbating with her worn underwear, she use to write me letters and send her panties with the letter through the post. I then went from masturbating with them to wearing them.

Then one night I really found out I had a scent worn clothes fetish, we came back from clubbing she left her clubbing clothes ontop of the washbasket, I was all horny from being with her and getting her scent so the obvious next thing was to smell her clubbing clothes wow instant turn on then the next thing I was putting on her clubbing clothes.

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I went to a fetish party the day after my 18th birthday and a stranger who was there giving impact tastings flogged and caned me. I’d fantasised about BDSM since I was 15 and it was so cool to finally try it.

My first time with a partner was maybe a year after that. Since I was a part of the local kink community finding a partner open to kink was incredibly simple. I met someone at a munch and invited them over for coffee the next week. He restrained and choked me and we both had a good time. We started a regular play session every week for bondage and impact. Since then I’ve done more with erotic hypnosis, electro play, and various areas of D/s.


My first bf (first lover too) mentioned that he’d like to have his hands tied. We were each others firsts and after initially tying his hands with a cord, we experimented quite a lot with me naturally taking well to the domme role. Unfortunately his behaviour became more abusive, and I then liked the domme role even more as it gave me some control over our sex life and what I would allow to happen, as it was the only time he permitted me control. I always wanted to try being sub, but I never trusted to allow him to tie me up etc out of fear of what would happen.

Once I left him, and got with my next bf, all kink went out the window. I think a mix of him being quite vanilla, and also fear of making me feel like I was back with the first. Lovers after that were only short term so very vanilla.

With hubby, vanilla at first, then progressed to me taking up domme again after chatting about likes and dislikes. And recently we have become a lot more open about trying different kinks, and I now feel safe enough to explore my sub side, which is going wonderfully well. As much as I like being in control, being sub definitely turns me on, and hubby is good at it!

But as much as developing together and talking about it can help, it took hubby’s phone pairing to the car and saying the name of the last played video to find out he likes squirting! :rofl:


This made me laugh out loud at work and I had to try cover up what I giggled at :joy:

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