Fleshlight Recommendations

Hi just got a fleshlight and loving it. Any suggestions for anything else as good as or even better ?

Tenga Flip Hole, I have the black and fancy the red one too, awesome purchase and textures / sensations.

Thanks. Got the fleshlight flite never felt anything like it. Tenges good then?

Fleshlight gave me most intense orgasm yet. Hope there’s better out there

Oh the Tengas are very good, fairly expensive but worth it in my opinion.

Thanks. Will give it a try :)

Personally was not that impressed with the Fleshlight I bought - think I actually prefer one of the Thrust Pros which was about a third of the price!

Thrust are great and good on a budget, the best toy I ever tried was the PDX extreme which I don’t think lovehoney stock anymore https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38352 . In terms of fleshlights the Riley Reid butt is in a league of its own, looks and feels amazing.

I like the Thrust Sophia dismembered lady parts as you can just lay it on the bed and lazily thrust into it, closer to full sex than using a Fleshlight with hands.

U really think it’s better than the fleshlight ? Think fleshlight is immense

Different rather than better. Tend to have periods favouring one over the other then switch back again.

Ta. Not long had the fleshlight. Wish I got it sooner but. Best organs ever wiv it Will look at getting the thrust tho

Have you tried warming the fleshlight up? Either put the sleeve in some warm water, or put the fleshlight case (with sleeve inside) on a radiator for half an hour. Its a big improvement over using it cold.

Japan make some good masturbator sleeves, but sadly LH don't carry much stock. probably due to the fact Japan likes to put Anime on the packaging and they look too young. There are loads of products that don't do that though, which I think LH should import.

Other than that your best bet is going for a hip toy. They can be used hands free which makes a big difference to the fun of using a toy. You can also stuff a fleshlight inbetween some pillows etc to get a similar effect. Much better than using it hand held imo.

Hi. Never tried warming it up will give it a go :) Started placing it in between my mattress so u don’t use my hands. Will try the pillows to. Ta for the advise

NibbleNob wrote:

dismembered lady parts as you can just lay it on the bed and lazily thrust into it,

Oh Nibblenob, you have such a way with words, it is a delight to read your posts.

Dismembered lady parts, anyone?

I have a Thrust Karly and highly recommend it. Have recently reviewed it also so worth a look. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35242

Sorry Gosig! For the avoidance of doubt I do prefer the non-dismembered form of lady parts but sadly not as frequently available as the dismembered artificial ones. The former also not so keen on the lazy thrusting, preferring a good old hammering and sometimes that can be a bit too much if out of practice 😁

Warming the fleshlight up is defo better :)

Anyone agree