I have had a couple of them, the one I use now is the fleshlight flight. They really are worth the investment.


Morning All

Read all the comments and thought I’d try the pilot.

I have to say my initial thoughts are not great. The build quality of the product is a bit ropey compared to cheaper options such as the Tenga Air Tech ultra

Ah, that’s a shame. If you try it out and still think it’s not the toy for you, you could use the Sex Toy Happiness Promise and send it back for a refund. :+1:

Here’s the Happiness Promise T&Cs.

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Ah really? I didn’t know that was an option for obvious reasons.

Just found the case had really flimsy plastic few and the sleeve has a very tacky feel to touch.

The air tech wasn’t like this at all

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If you rub a sprinkling of cornflour on the sleeve that reduces the tackiness. You can buy specific ‘renewer powder’ but it’s just cornflour/cornstarch, so you can save yourself a few quid and pick some up from the supermarket. :+1:

The Happiness Promise currently has a 60 day window from purchase, so hopefully you’ve still got a bit of time to decide. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will have a read up on that, thanks for the advice

No worries. :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s the Lovehoney Real Feel cleaning guide.


My boyfriend says they are very good! We both started using toys during the lockdown and he says he uses it a few times a week now.


Ordered one. . I’ll soon see , missus is geimore turned on than me about it lol

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Well I got one and it’s not as good as I thought it would be

@Pussygalore3 Yeah I felt the same way, though I got the Quickshot and presume the full length closed ones feel better. Warming it helps, but I think compared to the real thing it probably didn’t stand a chance. Compared to using a hand, it’s maybe a little bit better sometimes depending on my mood… But most of the time, to me it doesn’t feel worth the hassle of warming it then cleaning and drying it.
Lots of people love them so I do think it was worth a shot for me. I’d still try one of the full length closed ones, but my experience so far is that they’re maybe a little overhyped and the best thing for me to do would be to manage my expectations :woman_shrugging:

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I have the closed one torchlight supposed to be a mold off the model . Never as good as real thing . May change it for another model lol

I love a fleshlight. I also bought the Realistic Katya realistic vagina and ass and it’s the best toy I have ever bought. So life like that even my wife gets jealous

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Gonna have another go in a bit without missus