For the lovers of anal out there, advice needed...

In terms of preparation, how do you ensure that nothing makes an unexpected appearance during anal sessions? I love it deep and hard but I find myself sometimes fretting, rather than enjoying.

Do you accept that the occasional appearance is unavoidable consequence? How do your partners react?

i was thinking about buying an anal douche - do they work that well?

Any other tips greatly received.



Hi Serena. I'm a little squeamish about mess with toys so definitely see where you are coming from.
I did by a douche a few months ago when we introduced anal toys properly and i hated using it, was paranoid I hadn't got all the water out and had painful trapped wind (sorry tmi) afterwards but that could've been user error.
I regularly enjoy anal sex and it's never been an issue, if its preplanned I try to go to the toilet before hand but it's never been an issue if I haven't.
Toy wise the only thing that wasn't as clean as I'd have liked was using some beads, think possibly as they're smaller at the end and kind of probe more. Luckily that was a solo session and it really put me off so haven't used them with the OH yet.

Preparation is key really.
If you know you've got a heavy anal session coming, try to eat lightly and stop eating couple of hours before play, plan to use the loo at least a half hour before play. A douche is entirely worth it, sorry used shoes but I think user error contributes to wind. With a douche you need to prime it before insertion so that you're not pumping air in, you should use warm clean not soapy water, and just squeeze, no pumping. Once you can squeeze no more, remove douche and evacuate bowel. Repeat until water runs clear. I find 3 times is enough bit could be more or less for you as an individual. Remember though that the bowel contains healthy bacteria that aids your bodily functions,and over use of douche can jeopardise this. Soap can promote growth of both good and bad bacteria which is why you should use clean water only.

The fact is your bum is your body's waste disposal mechanism so some detritus is to be expected from time to time; again be prepared with wipes, tissues, towels, whatever!