🎄 Forum Advent Calendar!

Hey All!

I thought it might be a bit of fun to have a forum advent calendar! I’ve selected 24 products for each day leading up to Christmas, I will randomly select a person each day who has successfully answered the question below:

If Lovehoney were a person, based on our age, would we be legally allowed to drink in the US?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you win the treat that is behind the door on that day, you can receive the item yourself, or if it’s not something that tickles your pickle, offer it to another forum member. To re-gift the item, post a festive question in the comments, and pick a winner from the correct guessers (or ask me to)!

Weekends will be covered with 2 draws on a Friday and Monday, and the final 3 will be drawn on the 21st due to my annual leave…

Hopefully that makes sense, let me know if you have any questions! :smiley:


Oh now this sounds like a fun game :grin: good luck everyone and Merry …………. Nope! I can’t say that in November :joy:

What an awesome game, thanks Brenna :blush:

Great idea :bulb::star_struck: let’s just hope we got the question right :ballot_box::crossed_fingers:

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Yesss this is the daily entertainment I need right now!


I think Lovehoney meets the requirements to call themselves mature. This game is going to be fun. Another reason to login everyday while I try to get to the next level up

This sounds like fun :grinning:.

Nothing gets me in the festive mood more than a new sex toy :joy:.

What a great thought for the LH community! Thank you :blush:

This will be fun!

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What a fab idea :star_struck:


Brilliant idea - love it!

Great idea! Looking forward to counting down the days to Christmas with this Lovehoney advent calendar. :christmas_tree::santa:

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This sounds fun, can’t wait to start the countdown

Oooh fun! Can’t wait to see what people get!

Cracking!! Looking forward to this!!


Wow. 24 products for each day. That’s a lot of products :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great idea! Looking forward to seeing what happens!

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Cracking idea, hopefully we will see the answers!

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Fun! Thanks @Lovehoney_Brenna :star_struck: :lovehoney_heart:

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This is going to be fun :blush: