Fun with lube!

So there i was, surroudned by bottle & bottle of lube, I mean, Which one?
After 10 mins or so i havd to make my mind up, So i choose the one that looked like a penis, around 6" tall, Bright Pink and made from plasic, Inside was 150ml of lube and a hole at the end to squirt it out. So there i was, my girlfriend got quite excited, i rubbed a small amount on her, it was cold and very watery, which made it a bit messy, aftr only 1 min of rubbing it had totally gone, so i applied some more, again it went within a min, just soaked into the skin, now in my own personal opion lube should stay around for some time and have quite a thick consistoncy, this didnt.
The botle is very funny but at £6 the lube was just like water, there are many better lubes out there but as one last point, we do use the empty bottle fro some other kind of pleasure