Lubricant Feedback .....

Hey all 

Friday feedback time :) 

I was wondering if you may like to input some feedback about lubricants .... 

Do you have a preferred bottle sizing ? 

Any bottle colours you paticularly like? 

What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle...

Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ?if so  shrink wrapped maybe.. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing? 

Extra comments ......

Thanks for your time 

Around 150 ml as it then probably will fit in my drawer. I like when the bottles are see through so I know how much is left, other than that, the colour does not matter :) I like squeeze bottles best!

We use Lubido most often nice sized bottle with 250ml. Or for travel we'd take our FSOG size 100ml.

As for colour, it isn't something we really think about.

We do prefer a pump dispenser.

Personally I don't think it needs to be shrink wrapped but a seal you have to break on the top would be nice.

Do you have a preferred bottle sizing ? About 100 - 150ml

Any bottle colours you paticularly like? I like the bottle to be clear so I can see how much is left.

What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle... a squeeze bottle as others have broken on me.

Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ?if so shrink wrapped maybe.. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing? I would prefer a cap.

I prefer pumps, squeeze bottles really annoy me because its difficult to control the amount you get out and hard to get the last bit out. I like clean, fresh bottle colours, like blue and light green. Bottle size I mainly just look for value for money!

Hope this is helpful xx

We prefer having a small-ish one for travel (maybe like 20-30 ml). And something between 100-200ml for regular use. Either pump or click cap works but pump is better to use for sure, twist cap is a no go. As far as bottle colour goes the dark ones are awesome. I'm thinking something like the Satin Sliquid.
Some kind of a small seal is preferable, either one on the cap only or one of those peely ones just on the top of the bottleneck :). Hope this helps!

I agree with around 150 ml, that's a good standard size. But I would maybe like to see a varity pack of 3 lubes at 50 ml each? Be a nice way to have a small collection of different flavours or effects and see what you like without paying for a large bottle.

I like the bottle to represent what the flavour it is or effect it has. So pink for the cherry flavour or blue for a cooling effect. However It is nice if it has a strip down the side that allows me to look in and see how much is left, it's always annoying getting the lube out and realising it is empty.

I personally prefer pump, IMO feels like it gives better control to how much you are using

Being shrink wrapped sounds like a nice idea, will help protect them in delivery!

Hope this helps :)

About between 50-200 ml they are fine bottles.

Colour doesnt really bother although I like the ID pleasure pink/red one because its mostly see through.

Ive got a lot of squeezy bottles and I dont really mind these.

Its good when its sealed, doesnt have to be wrapped. Sealed just because you know for sure it hasnt been opened/used before.

Sizing no bigger than 200ml, prefer a pump dispenser, the twist to lock function is very important!

Would also like it to come with some sort of protective cap so it doesn't leak on its way to you.

see through is very helpful, not fussed on colours, bright and fun colours would be ok. Black and unassuming colours would be good too.

I prefer more slippery style of lube rather than thick and creamy. Unflavored, no scent. Water based!


I prefer clear with a pump action dispenser and 150ml+.
We mostly use water based.
And we do like to know it's unused before we use it - no preference to how this is achieved.

We generally buy 100-200ml bottles. If it's flavoured then we like 30ml or sachets to try out before purchasing a bigger bottle.

Light colours for water-based, dark for silicone based and the colour closest to representing the flavour. Red for strawberry, green for apple etc.

Pump. Squeeze bottles can be very messy!

No preference to how they arrive as long as I can clearly see they're unopened and haven't leaked.

Normally use Liquid Silk. Small 50 mi squeeze type bottles are convenient, discreet and handy for travel. Also opaque so you can see the remaining content. Also got 250 ml pump action to top up smaller bottle. Prefer containers to be properly shrink wrapped sealed .

Do you have a preferred bottle sizing ? 100-200ml

Any bottle colours you paticularly like? I like to be able to see how much is left but not totally clear something like the Coco de Mer bottles but in a different colour would be lovely.

What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle... pump

Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ?if so shrink wrapped maybe.. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing? maybe in a sealed box?

Extra comments ...... I like them to be as discreet as possible. It would be nice to be able to leave it out and not worry

Morning Leanne.

Size of bottle prefer 250ml.
Colour not to much of an issue but prefer clear so can see how much you got left.
Pump dispenser i prefer.
Prefer the bottle to be cellophane wrapped.

Hope this is helpful.

We like a big bottle with a pump for the bedroom but also need a smaller container which won't leak for travelling.

I like big bottles but we have a little one for travelling too. A duel pack of a big one and small one would be great incredible!

We always prefer purple colours, not to feminine looking, it's not really too important but always prefered.

I like them to be sealed so I have no doubt in my mind that it's fresh and unused. A cap cover is easier to remove than the shrink wrap because I have insanely long nails!

About 100 - 150ml send ideal and like others I think clear bottles are good. Pump dispenser it's ideal, particularly is you've got slippy hands, with a twist lock to stop leakage etc

We use Lubido and the 250ml size seems to be about right also like the clear bottle so you can see how much is left and a pump dispenser,sealed would be an advantage.

Most of my bottles are small (around 100-150ml). I have one which has a pump top which is handy and one squeezy with a lid that you push down one half and the other side clicks up (can't think of a name for it). Both are easy to use, the clicky version is less likely to leak when travelling. As for colour as long as it's somewhat transparent to see what's left that's all that really matters.

I prefer 250ml i also like to be able to see howmuch lube i have left so semi transparent bottles are good for me. I prfer pumpbottles but i dont mind squeeze bottles. Also i do prfer bottles to be sealed.

I love the cat picture!😻