G-spot vibes

Hi, can anyone recommend a good G-Spot vibrator? I'm a squirter, but my fingers are too small to make myself squirt, and am currently man-less, so can anyone recommend a good toy?

I'm not a girl.
And I have no G-spot, nor can I squirt. But reading reviews of those who do have lady pieces, this sounds the business.


just bought the sue johansen royal wave g spot vibe, not had chance to do a review yet. she thinks its great, has used it on her own and when we were together and came quickly both times. its BIG but she likes that. has a shaped end and a "wave" that both hit the right spot. its waterproof too and shes going to try it in the bath.

was her first g spot vibe and she wished she had one before. shes been using a normal cock-shaped vibe for years.

I've just placed an order for the Fun Factory Delight, but I just this moment noticed this:


Freakin' bargain! Wish I'd seen that before the credit card got charged.

its not that great his_rabbit tbh! i keep meaning to put my review on here for it.....its too noisy for my liking, slowest setting is non-existant and it rattles....yuk!

We're talking the Durex one here, right? Or have I just spent a lot of money on a rubbish toy?? *waiting for the postman*

The durex one is only £10? I used to work in Superdrug, and we stocked that for £50! (took it off stock cos parents complained *rollseyes*

Apparently it's pants though.

Now i lac a G spot due to that darn Y chromosome of mine (always causing trouble) but id imagine if i did have one id buy this


But going back to the issue of me having a penis it could be a load of shit

To be entirely honest, I've not found much difference in the g-spot and normal ones. I have two (maybe three?) and they don't do much for me.

Mind you, some of the more high tech ones probably could I suppose.

For the record, the Fun Factory Delight is the 100% balls.

Now, I know where my g~spot is and how to use it and so does this particular piece of equipment. Damn German's have done it again.

It's completely different from any g~spot vibe I've seen or owned before and does - for once - hit the right spot!

hey yeah i was talking about the durex - really want a fun factory one :)
jeesh i wish i had the money to get the FF delight one!

wizadora - save! The FF~delight is totally worth the money!

hmmmm somehow i think rent takes precedent over sex toys! ah cant wait to get a better paid job again!

I realise it doesnt vibrate but I love the fun factory curve for g-spot stimulation, (see my review for more raving about its wonderfulness!) but you could add a clitoral vibrator or bullet or something to get the vibrations you want! Hope you find something that suits,

I've actually found a glass dildo that does the job in terms of making me squirt - but I'm going to check out the Fun Factory one too methinks!! Thanks everyone! X

OOoh I'm really tempted by the delight. But I already have the sinnflut intensity so can I really justify that much money??

Forgoe shoes, are you mad?

You mean I have to chose between shoes and toys? No way hose! Let's leave the rent out instead.

Looking to get a G spot vib so resurrecting this thread. Any recent recommendations??

Thank you Ruth!