Getting my wife to peg me

I have spoken to my wife about pegging and she said that she like her lady parts I am not sure how to reaproch this subject any advise would be very helpful she know I enjoy anal play

I am not sure what you mean by “she said that she likes her lady parts” could you expand on that or rephrase? 

You can’t “get” her to do anything. It’s totally up to her whether it’s something she wants to do or not.

Some people just don’t enjoy anal play which doesn’t stop you going solo. If your partner is worried about you not enjoying her body then reassure her you love her and she satisfies you but you enjoy anal play. If she has never played with anal toys then you can always ask her if she would like too but as natandtom said you can’t “get” people to do things.

If you want to experience this type of thing you can always get a simple dildo with a suction base and use it doggystyle. Our partners won’t always have the same fetishes/likes/thoughts as us and sometimes you need to ride them out solo ☺️

Ok but confused by likes her lady parts? Do you mean like she likes bring the only 1 who's penetrated?

Best advice would be to open with her that you would like to try her pegging you. Hear her views on it. She may have a different view on this. Listen to each other but you can't make her do anything that she doesn't want to.
Hope this helps x

As everyone else has said you can't 'get' anyone to do anything and reading your previous posts pegging may well be something that will have to remain a fantasy. You recently said she had commented that it was 'weird' that you liked anal play, you have also said she has interest in this type of play, to go from that to actually performing the act on you herself is a very big ask. It may happen in time if she has accepted the idea of you using toys but I think it's more likely you will have to be satisfied with enjoying this area of play on your own.

Sorry, I meant to say NO interest in this type of play.

Everyone has basically covered it already, unfortunately.

Whilst the question that pops here a lot is about getting a partner to participate in receiving anal, rather than giving, the answer remains the same. Nobody can be made to do something they don't wish to do and it's up to you to respect her wishes and move on.

It sounds to me that she is dropping pretty big hints that she isn't comfortable participating in any anal play.

I get that it can be hard to just 'move on' from something that is important to you so I would recommend that your next step should be to have an open conversation with your wife. Let her know why it's important to you that she considers it, and listen when she tells you how she feels. I think it will go along way for both of you - being able to understand each others needs.

Following your conversation though, if it continues to be something she isn't willing to try, you do need to respect her, move on, and leave it for solo sessions.

Id lime to approach this to ive always wanted to experience being someone's slave slave or bitch

It can be a delicate thing to navigate - sometimes we or our partners just don't like the idea of something but end up enjoying it...we might dislike the idea today, but be interested next year...or even with a different partner...or we might have a hard limit that simply isn't negotiable - and that's our right...

...totally open, supportive, constructive conversation is always a must...and, of course, as has been is respecting each others boundaries...

There is some good advice on discussing pegging with a partner elsewhere on the LH website. Googling 'pegging how to' or similar phrases ought to turn up a few useful resources, too.

Some excellent advice from Rebecca and others.
Listen to her and what she needs.

Maybe have an honest conversation about your sexual desires. A fantasy exchange, if you will.
Find out what she wants to try that's new.
Above all, make sure it is fun and don't take things too seriously.

Take care of her needs, wants and desires.
Even if she isn't open to pegging, there may be other things that you never knew about.
Have fun.

I'm guessing she means ... she's happy with a vagina and doesn't want a dick ( strap on ) ... right?

You gotta be impeccably clean..... enema, douche, shower hose..... whatever it takes. Start of with fingers or small toys.
Tell her how much you want it, and ask her to try, start off slow

There's some good advice here and elsewhere on the site about the practicalities of trying this for the first time.
Ruby Ryder's Pegging Paradise is good for how to initiate conversation about it, including the whole 'is he really gay/ do I have to dress in black leather and dominate him/ does he not fancy me anymore?' aspects.

Amazing advice Rebecca.